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18 Short Cuts for Round Faces

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Every person has a different face shape but generally face shapes fall into the category of Oval, Square, Heart and Round shape. There are some particular hairstyles that do not suit all types of face shapes. Some hairdos can make the face look more wide, long or big if chosen incorrectly. Round faces typically have a small forehead and subtle facial features. So, it is very much necessary to choose the correct short hairstyles for such a shape as hairstyles have the power to change your overall look completely. So today we bring to you 18 of the most gorgeous short hairstyles for round faces that will make you look your best!

1- Short Hair with Side Bangs

Short Hair with Side Bangs, Hair Short Round Faces

Short hair looks great on round faces as it gives dimension to the face and camouflages the roundness of the face. Opt for a short bob haircut with side bangs to frame your face shape. Part your hair on the side to get the maximum out of this hairstyle and we assure you that you will look fabulous.

2- Cute Layered Haircut

Cute Layered Haircut, Face Round Shape Short

Layers look good on almost all face shapes, especially round ones. Since most round faces have a small forehead and subtle jawline, having layers will help give them an illusion of sharp facial features. You can keep your layered haircut straight or curly according to your preference as both will suit such a shape.

3- Messy Hair

Messy Hair, Hair Length White Messy

Messy hairstyles are of many types and almost all of them will suit a round shape if styled correctly. Go for a high bun and keep it messy by twisting the hair or teasing it slightly. This will give height to your face and make it look longer.

4- Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair, Eye Faces Short Makeup

5- Short Cuts for Round Faces

Short Cuts for Round Faces, Short Round Bob Face

6- Fabulous Straight Round Bob for Mysterious Look

Blonde Bob Balayage Lob

7- Gray Stylish Bob with Long  Side Bang

Short Hair Round Haircuts

8- Black Thick Side-Parted Mane

Short Hair Face Round

9- Stunning and Perfect look

Short Bob Round Hair

10- Sophia Bush

Short Hair Hairtyles Shag

11- Messy Asymmetrical Bob

Pixie Short Face Round

12- Long Grey Bangs

Bob Short Hair Wavy

13- Side Shaved Very Short Hair

Short Pixie Haircuts Hair

14- Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

Short Round Face Hair

15- Cute Bob

Bob Hair Short Round

16- Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

Short Bob Hair Stacked

17- Blonde Beauty

Bob Round Faces Bobs

18- Loose Waves

Short Wavy Round Bob

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