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18 Best Short Haircuts for Oval Faces

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The oval face is a versatile and ideal face shape on which almost all kind of hairstyle suits. Therefore oval face does not require any calculation for doing short hairstyle. Short hairstyle is itself a trendy and gorgeous hairstyle. So when these two make a combination, it might be stunning, fashionable and glorious.

You can customize your hairstyle according to your taste and style. Bangs or fringes are the complimentary styles with your short haircut for your oval face. Straight or curly hair is just another impressive idea to have with your short tress. Even more, you can do chic length bob or pixie with bangs. But it is good if your hairstyle has a side parting cut because side parting hairstyle escalates the beauty and glory for your oval face. Additionally, you can flourish your hairstyle by using customized shades of color on it.

You can choose any short hairstyle from a large number of diversified haircuts for your oval face. Celebrities like Linda Evangelista can be your ultimate ideal for choosing your own short hairstyle for your oval face. Here are some examples that will give you a true guideline to create your own one. So have a look at it!!!

1- Best Short Haircut for Oval Faces

Best Short Haircuts for Oval Faces, Short Jenner One Oval

When you don’t want to compromise with style, going with this very haircut would be a rewarding choice. Low maintenance and versatile, this hairdo fits all occasions, both casual and formal.

2- Messy Hair

Messy Hair, Oval Face Shape Faces

3- Curly Hair

Curly Hair, Curly Front Hairtyles Hair

4- Short Bob Hairstyle

Short Bob Hairtyle, Curly Short Hair Hairtyles

5- Straight Hair

Straight Hair, Bob Side Parted Length

6- Thick Brunette

Pixie Short Wavy Hair

7- Short Blonde Pixie Cut

Short Oval Haircuts Hair

8- Wispy Haircut for Thin Hair

Short Hair Face Haircuts

9- Straight Redhead for Round Face

Bob Short Hair Oval

10- Long Textured Bob

Medium Length Oval Long

11- Kinda Messy Black Shags

Short Hair Haircuts Oval

12- Vivid Asymmetrical Pointed Long bangs

Short Pixie Silver Hairtyles

13- Stacked Wine Colored Lob for Chubby Face

Bob Hair Hairtyles Fat

14- Random Spikes for Girls

Funky Short Stewart Hair

15- Sharon Stone

Short Hair Stone Sharon

16- Choppy Blonde with Front Bangs

Katy Short Hairtyles Pixie

17- Middle Length Side Parted Wavy Brown Locks

Short Bob Oval Wavy

18- Balayage with Fringes for Women with Oval Faces

Bangs Oval Face Selena

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