20 Short Haircuts for Round Faces

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A lot of women in this world are at the crossroads when they want to decide on their next new hairstyle. It is not a decision that they can take instantaneously. There is a lot of consideration among women before they finalize on a hairstyle. The worry of not being perfect will always create a doubt in them. But there is a way to identify which haircut would suit them. The task becomes easy as soon as they identify what shape their face is. There are different types of faces. There’s round, oval, diamond, oblong, square, and many more.

So, before you read further, identify what type of face you have. If you have a rounded-face or if your face is somewhere similar to a round, you should definitely read through as you can explore the different types of hairstyles that you could sport. There are many celebrities who have a round face. Some of the most popular include Cameron Diaz, Ginnifer Goodwin, Christina Ricci, Adele etc. You can always get inspired by their hairstyles.

Pixie cuts look especially cute on those with a round face. Experts suggest that you have a pixie cut with asymmetrical bangs as they make your face narrower. It has the ability to enhance the natural features of the face. Combined with the low-maintenance, this makes a perfect hairstyle for those with round faces.

Another hairstyle that does a great job at hiding your plump face is the bob cut. The length of the bob must always be taken into consideration. The best would be a chin-length bob. However, you can also try different styles like the lob, angled bob etc. Also, try to part your hair in the middle as it does a great job in elongating your face.

There are some other great styles that you can try. Scroll down for more.


1-Short Haircut for Round Faces

Short Haircut for Round Faces, Short Faces Round Women

2-Chubby Round Face

Chubby Round Face, Short Face Pixie Bangs

3-Cool Pixie

Cool Pixie, Short Round Hair Bob

4-Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin, Short Hairtyles 30 Oval

5-Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst, Hair Wavy Short Hairtyles


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Pixie Faces Round Short


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