20 Short Haircuts for Oval Faces 2018

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Oval is the perfect face shape we know of so far. Turns out, girls with oval shaped face feel more confident about how they look and what they do in their everyday life. They also enjoy the privilege of looking stunning with all sorts of the haircut.

However, agreeing with the famous trendsetters, we are also of the opinion that oval face looks more classy when they own short hair. This practice will help you stay cool and look fresh giving less time and effort on maintenance.

Now, since you’re convinced about what we are pointing at, you’ll surely be more clung to short haircuts this season. So, let’s find out which short hairstyle will enhance your glamor in a captivating manner.

1- Short Haircut for Oval Faces 2018

Short Haircut for Oval Faces 2018, Parted Bob Brown Lob

Ever heard that scream “Oh-so-gorgeous” from some stranger’s voice once they behold you for the first time? Such expressions won’t sound that much alien to you, more precisely, you will be used to them when you’ll have the wispy waves on.

2- Vintage Curly Bob

Vintage Curly Bob, Faces Hair Girl Face

Make your perfect facial features more visible with this hairdo. True, it has some vintage flavor induced in it, but its appeal is always modern.

3- Too Short Haircut

Too Short Haircut, Very Women Pixie Lady

Too busy to take care of your hair on a regular basis? Try this too short haircut and you’ll never complain about it. However, the charm and elegance of your personality will never decrease even for an inch when you’ll have this style on. Cheers!

4- Thick Hair

Thick Hair, Hair Cute Makeup Short

5- Soft Layers

Soft Layers, Debbie Brigitte Bardot Faces

6- Shiny Brown Pixie

Short Hair Styles Hairtyles

7- One Side Long and One Side Short

Short Hair Styles Bobs

8- Side Swept Fine Mane

Blonde Hair Bob Asymmetrical

9- Badass Look

Hair Short Pixie Layered

10- Middle Parted Medium Length Tress

Beyonce Bob Face Faces

11- 2 Lines Undercut

Slick Half Women Pixie

12- Shaggy Bob

Hair Short Bob Styles

13- Peacock Blue

Hair Blue Color Hairtyles

14- Natural Waves with Bangs

Hair Styles Bangs Length

15- Smooth Looking Hairdo for Heart Shaped Face

Hair Bob Haircuts Bobs

16- Sweet and Sassy

Hair Bob Choppy Hairtyles

17- Glamorous Chin Length Bob

Hair Bob Short Hairtyles

18- Tousled Golden Hair

Hair Short Fine 45

19- Blonde with Black Roots for Chubby Face

Hair Short Hairtyles Face

20- Emma Watson

Bob Faces Faux Ten

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