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15 Short Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

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A good thing about round face is it looks gorgeous with almost all sort of long hairstyles. But when it comes short hairdo, we really need to give extra attention on which variation to choose. Our personal favorite for round faces is short bobs. Why? They are easy to carry and versatile. You can keep on changing your look while experimenting with differnt haircuts, all being short bobs.

So, when you want a desirable stunning effect about your personality, these 15 short bob haircuts for round faces are something worth trying.

1- Short Bob Haircut for Round Faces

Short Bob Haircut for Round Faces, Kylie Bob Fine Girls

Straight and well textured, this black bob resemles the egyptian princess look. Keep it center parted and you’ll shine like the shooting star.

2- Blonde Bob Cut

Blonde Bob Cut, Bob Pixie Women Feathered

An endy look is what this blonde bob is famous for endowing. The shaved back is good for summer styling. And the all side swept long front at one side is incredible in appeal.

3- Asymmetrical Short Bob

Asymmetrical Short Bob, Short Asymmetrical Faces Face

Looking for a sassy symmetrical haircut? Look no further than this one. It is particularly known for popping up your glamrous facial feature. Apparently, that long side front may look distracting but TBH that’s teh brillinat part of this amazing haircut.

4- Natalie Portman Short Bob Hair

Natalie Portman Short Bob Hair, Bob Easy Cute Women

A messy haircut may sound overwhelming when you intend to do it on your shot mane. However, all terrifying sensation go vanish once you have this Natalie Portman inspired short bob.

5- Short Bob Hair for Round Faces

Short Bob Hair for Round Faces, Hairtyles Short Bob Haircuts

With bangs of asymmetrical length, this brown tinted bob is one of the best styles you can have this season.

6- Dark Angled Bob for Chubby Face

Bob Faces Black Angled

7- Satcked Waves

Layered Short Hair Bob

8- Side Parted Stunning Look

Bob Blonde Hair Choppy

9- Face Accented Cut for Chubby Face

Bob Face Chubby Hair

10- Wooden Brown Curls with Long Fringes

Curly Hair Face Styles

11- Maggie Gyllenhaal Short Mane

Bob Wavy Hair Chin

12- Shiny Blonde Long Straight Bangs

Hair Short Bob 20

13- Strongly Attractive Round Bob

Bob Bobs Face Blonde

14- Long Pixie for Cheerful Look

Short Hair Hairtyles Bob

15- Pointy Front End

Bob Side Choppy Face

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