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23 Short Haircuts for Asian Hair

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Short haircuts are favorite among the Asian women, mostly because they can give a cute look as well as easy to handle. Girls who don’t have enough volume also prefer it over long hair. Besides, short hair doesn’t demand a lot of attention before you go for an outing.

You can wear a punky or cook look as well as nice and sweet get up with different hairstyle meant for the short mane. If you don’t like too short hair, instead of going with pixie, you can opt for bob haircut. Means that there always has something to try for giving your personality a new and fresh appearance.

However, appealing look deserves some pre-thinking before you have it in actual. One prime reason can be the facial shape. The style you see on a round faced girl may not look that much amazing on your heart shaped face. So, a little bit calculation on how a particular style will look on your face is appreciated.

That being said, we have compiled 23 short haircut ideas for Asian hair with pictures so to smooth your way to find the best look for you.

1- Short Haircut for Asian Hair

Short Haircut for Asian Hair, Hair Short Styles Hairtyles

Want a fashionable look without growing your hair long? Try this short hairstyle and you’ll get a really amazing look. A true confidence booster, this perfect haircut fits almost all occasions. 

2- Korean Hairstyle

Korean Hairtyle, Hair Styles Shaggy Asian

3- Cute Short Hair

Cute Short Hair, Hair Pixie Short Asian

4- Bob Cut

Bob Cut, Hair Bob Asian Styles

5- Asian Long Bob

Asian Long Bob, Young Hair Ulzzang Women

6- Angled Long Bob

Bob Hair Short Hairtyles

7- Sensational Low Maintenance Haircut

Hair Short Oppas Nct

8- Brunnet Cute Tress

Hair Short Styles Cute

9- Chin Length Bob

Girl Ulzzang Asian Kpop

10- Korean 2018 Bob Hair with Bangs

Hair Medium Bob Asian

11- Orange Color Tinge

Hair 2017 Trends Snsd

12- Asymmetrical Long Hair on Side Style

Hair Short Asian Styles

13- Messy Hair

Hair Bob Short Cute

14- Yoon Sun Young

Hair Bob Styles Cute

15- White Blonde with Dark Roots

Lips Bobs 2018 Blonde

16- Caramel Brown hair

Hair Short Hairtyle Styles

17- Balayage Soft Brown

Woman Medium Japanese Velvet

18- Shoulder Length Straight Bob

Asian Hair Carpet Red

19- Wavy Middle Parted Black Hair

Hair Short Bob Styles

20- Beautiful Short Hair with Frings

Hair Short Bob Up

21- Side Parted Bob

Hair Short Hairtyles Bob

22- Charming Round Black Hair

Hair Short Hairtyles Bob

23- Cute Messy Short Hair

Short Hair Bob Hairtyle

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