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13 Cute Ponytail Hairstyles for Short Hair

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Have you been to the gym and found that women were wearing huge strands of hair behind their head? Have you been following the strand of hair whenever it kept dangling? It’s the common hairstyle that you’ve been wearing from your teenage days. It is the ponytail. A ponytail is a simple hairstyle that could be made possible just with a rubber band. A ponytail is a great hairstyle because it does a great job of keeping the hair out of your face, especially when you’re busy with work. But if you think that there’s only one possible way of wearing that hairstyle, you’re certainly incorrect. There are many ways in which you can wear a ponytail. If you’re surprised to find out how this is possible, scroll down for more.

Messy Updo is the simplest and most adopted ponytail hairstyle. A lot of women would have worn this hairstyle without even noticing it. So, the procedure is simple. Pull all your hair back and up. Take a hairband to tie the hair together. That’s the messy updo! So, you’ve tried this multiple time, haven’t you?

You can also wear a ponytail with a headband. Although many people think it’s weird, you have to stop this by making people think that the headband actually has a reason to stay in your head. You can easily achieve this with the help of a low ponytail. Begin with the headband. Slowly put it on your hair and pull it into a low ponytail. With few strands of hair tucked behind your ears, you will achieve a modern hairstyle.

Sometimes low ponytails with side bangs also make the best hairstyle. It makes for a fashionable, trendy hairstyle, and frames your face really well. It also enhances your facial features. There are many other styles of ponytails that you can try. Some are listed below:

1-Cute Ponytail Hairstyle for Short Hair

Cute Ponytail Hairtyle for Short Hair, Hair Short Cute Trend

2-Messy Updo

Messy Updo, Messy Short Blonde Pixie

3-Headband and Ponytail

Headband and Ponytail, Short Hair Styles One

4-Simple Style

Simple Style, Short Watson Emma All

5-Cute Messy Pony

Cute Messy Pony, Short Messy Patterns Knitting


Short Hair Cute Pixie


Pixie Short Brown Light


Short Hair 50 Bride


Hair Bangs Short 50


Short Hair 2017 Haircuts


Short Cute Hairtyles Haircuts


Short Hair Hairtyles All


Hair Short Hairtyles Bob

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