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20 Cute Short Bob Haircuts

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Short bobs never go out of style no matter how much hair texture or what type of facial shape you have. It’s the variety that has made this impossible possible. This hair is so amazingly customizable that you can get all types of look from bold to cute. As for more impact, you can think of adding some hair dye. The color options range from deep red to pink to purple and so on.

However, don’t think, having bob means the traditional shoulder length bob only exists. Among the other variations, you can try graduated bob, stacked bob, long bob or lob, rounded bob, shaggy bob, and the list goes on.

How these short bobs will look on you? Get a glimpse of the possible outcome in this list of 20 cute short bob haircuts and let us lead you to the best option for your perfect look.

1- Cute Short Bob Haircut

Cute Short Bob Haircut, Bob Inverted Bobs Bone

For people who want to be the centre of attention everywhere they go, this cute short bob hairstyle would be an unfailing option to try out.

2- Side Swept Bob

Side Swept Bob, Hair Bob Short Hairtyles

This one is perfect to provide the wearer a magical sensation. In fact, having this style means you have a class that’s too sophisticated to feel low, yet not that much arrogant to listen to people with empathy. An incredible personality changer, for sure.

3- Back View

Back View, Bob Layered Black Layers

Ideal for the casual day out, this haircut demands little to no maintenance at all.

4- Ice Blonde

Ice Blonde, Bob Blonde Balayage Ash

5- Fine Hair

Fine Hair, Hairtyles Hair Bob Short

6- Middle Parted Blonde with Black Roots

Hair Bob Styles Short

7- Round Bob for Thick Mane

Short Bob Bobs Hairtyles

8- Beautiful Grey Stright Hair

Bob Fine Platinum Short

9- Stacked Balayage Bob

Bob Layered Short Inverted

10- Celebrity Bob with Bangs

Bob Grammy Hair Taylor

11- Medium Length Inverted Bob

Balayage Hair Brown Bob

12- Blonde Prevails

Blonde Bob Short Ash

13- Asymmetrical Black

Bob Blonde Brown Hair

14- Smooth Round Cut

Bob Pixie Black Brunette

15- Centre Rested Straight Chin Length Hair

Hair Bob Bobs Hairtyles

16- Messy yet Sleek Appearance

Bob Pixie Short Bobs

17- Stylish Undercut

Pixie Choppy Bob Long

18- Glamorous Golden Haircut

Bob Balayage Layered Blonde

19- Side Fringe with Stacked Bob

Bob Blonde Choppy Bobs

20- Silver Rounded Bob with Dark Roots

Bob Balayage Blonde Gray

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