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23 Cute Asian Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyles are part of a women’s beauty. It makes a strong impression about one’s image and personality. Moreover, it also reflects the taste of women and tells a lot about one’s fashion sense. Many women crave for long, sleek and beautiful hair but in reality, long hair is very hard to maintain, as a result, they prefer short hair.

Short hair also looks good on any type of face and helps to restore your hair damage. Short hair is very trendy not only among celebrities or the western world but also among Asian women. In order to upgrade your hairstyle according to the latest trends, you can cut your hair short. It is a perfect look for all season be it summer, winter or spring and is never out of fashion.

This article will guide the confused Asians with ideas of cute short hairstyles so that they can choose a haircut which will make them look stunning and feel good about themselves.

1- Cute Asian Hairstyle for Short Hair

Cute Asian Hairtyle for Short Hair, Pixie Asian Ulzzang Jungkook

When you have fine hair with low texture, it’s daunting to go for any short haircut. However, this cute Asian look is the best option you can have to wear a graceful apperance.

2- Messy Pixie Bob Style

Messy Pixie Bob Style, Short Hair Bob Cute

Teen girls love to look different from every one out there. And this haircut can be the ideal choice for them so to make them stand out of the crowd.

3- Cute Bob Cut

Cute Bob Cut, Hair Bob Asian Face

4- Short Bob

Short Bob, Bob Hair Short 2013

5- Braided Cute Hair

Braided Cute Hair, Hair Hairtyles Lob Short

6- Long Side Locks

Women Asian Hair 35

7- Eye Lash Lengthed Fringes

Asian 乃木坂 Blackpink Kim

8- Tousled Dark Mane

Hair Faces Asian Hairtyles

9- Korean Round Cut

Hair Short Asian Bob

10- Center Parted Bob

Hair Fashion Kpop Styles

11- Charming Vibe for Thick Tress

Asian Face Tips Women

12- Uneven Ends

Bob Hair Women Asian

13- Wonder Girls Yubin Casual Waves

Hair Bob Lob Cute

14- Voluminous Pixie

Short Hair Women Asian

15- Narsha Cool Apperance

Pixie Min Lee Some

16- Charismatic Unkempt Hair

Hair Bob Short Asian

17- Shiny Short Haircut

Lee Cute Asian Min

18- Chin Length Brunette

Hair Bob Cute Asian

19- Sassy Pixie

Pixie Trends Wook Chang

20- Pink Bouncy Hair

Hair Korean Asian Pink

21- Long Bangs for Fine Mane

Hair Bob Messy Hairtyles

22- Stylish Shiny Bob with Longer Fringes for Square Faces

Hair Bob Short Asian

23- Brunette Cute Look

Hair Hye Korean Japanese

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