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33 Jennifer Lawrence Short Hairstyles

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This highest paid American actress of 2014 & 2015 is rocking the Hollywood industry with her mesmerizing acting skill. Her charm isn’t merely limited to the acting field, girls are getting inspired by her beautiful hairstyles as well. Like the other celebrity, she is also taking her styles to another level by trying new haircuts every time she comes in front of her audience.

The specialty about her hairstyles lies in the way she styles her short hair mostly. We mean every actress we see out there dare to crop their mane so little and feel comfortable about the look. But J. Lawrence simply wins our heart by showing how beauty can exist even on short hair. Million thanks to her hairstylist who manages to give an astonishing look on each level of growing her mane from short to medium and in-between.

We understand you may not possess the same facial shape or hair texture that Jennifer has. Still, the following 33 short hairstyles that she has tried throughout her career till now would give you an inspiration try something more amazing no matter what difference you have got by nature.

Just try them and you’ll surely feel the confidence with your short hair.

1- Jennifer Lawrence Short Hairstyles

Jennifer Lawrence Short Hairtyles, Hairtyles Hair Shaggy Bob

2- Soft Waves

Soft Waves, Hairtyles Bob Hair Lawrence

3- Blonde Hair Color

Blonde Hair Color, Hair Jennifer Lawrence Taylor

4- Long Pixie

Long Pixie, Pixie Hair Short Jennifer

5- Classy Bob

Classy Bob, Hair Bob Jennifer Short

6- Vintage Bangs

Lawrence Natalie Actresses Jennifer

7- Side Swept Shag

Hair Pixie Short Lawrence

8- Earlobe Length Hair

Pixie Celebrity Jennifer Lawrence

9- Middle Rested Wavy Front Locks

Lips Makeup Celebrity Jennifer

10- Side Parted Medium Length Bob

Hair Jennifer Lawrence Bob

11- Upturned Low Maintenance Fresh Look

Celebrity Jennifer Lawrence Makeup

12- Wavy Chops

Bob Hairtyles Hair Jennifer

13- Asymmetrical Long Front Fringes

Hair Pixie Short Celebrity

14- Simple and Sweet

Pixie Short Hair Lawrence

15- Messy Bob

Diana Hair Messy 2018

16- Layered Pixie

Short Pixie Hair Jennifer

17- Soft and Sensational

Jennifer Lawrence Bob Jennifer

18- Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

Pixie Choppy Short Back

19- Short Back and Medium Length Front Tress

Pixie Short Layered Jennifer

20- Spikes on Blonde

Hair Short Jennifer Lawrence

21- Short Pixie with Bangs

Pixie Short Hair Fashion

22- Tousled Pixie

Short Hair Pixie Hairtyles

23- Cute and Rocking

Pixie Hair Short Lawrence

24- Slightly Disheveled

Pixie Hair Short Up

25- Blunt Ends for Texture

Pixie Hair Short 2018

26- Chopped Boyish Cut

27- Messy yet Stunning

28- Easy to Style Wavy Lob

29- Long Side Swept Bangs

30- Voluminous Blonde

31- Subtle and Symmetrical

32- Upturned Brwon and Blonde Ombre

33- Feminine Vibe

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