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20 Best Sienna Miller Short Hair

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There are few celebrities in the world who create the best fashion statement. Although we fall for their acting, or for their work towards the society, we certainly admire the way they carry themselves. One such person is Sienna Miller. The Golden Globe-nominated English-American actress is known for her notable performances in films like Factory girl, Stardust etc. She has also captured the attention of women through her hairstyles. There are many women who mimic her style and it soon becomes a trend among their circle of friends. Here are a few hairstyles that Sienna Miller has worn in the past, and has captured the attention of many women.

The golden blonde is one of the favorite colors for women when it comes to hairstyles. Sienna Miller wasn’t an exception either. She looked sexier when she sported this hairstyle. In 2015, when Sienna Miller appeared on the red carpet for the Cannes Film Festival, people were stunned by her side-parted bob cut. The specialty of this cut is that the bob is parted from the side and the parted bob is tucked behind the ears highlighting the face.

In 2014, when she had an offer for a new film role, she hired Luke Hersheson to cut her hair into a choppy bob. It’s a trendy variation of the bob cut. Unlike the classic bob, the hairstyle is not cut to one length but in layers. The layers look sexy and are quite easy to maintain. The layers also add structure and shape to the hair without losing much volume of the hair.

Certainly, she’s a popular fashion icon of the century. If you’d like to wear her hair like her, here are few pictures to help you. But think if the hairstyle would fit for you, and tell your hairstylist to give you the look that you’d also make you sexy and gorgeous.


1-Sienna Miller Short Hair

Sienna Miller Short Hair, Short Sienna Up Big

2-Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde, Short Hair Hairtyles Up

3-Side Parted Bob Cut

Side Parted Bob Cut, Hair Bob De Dos

4-Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob, Hair Short Hairtyles Haircuts

5-Fine Pixie

Fine Pixie, Short Hair Funky Color


Hairtyles Shaggy Short Hair


Hair Short Boho Ladies


Short Hair Trendy Haircuts


Taylor One 2018 Short


Bob Hair Length Shoulder


Short Hair Hairtyles Hairtyle


Short Hair Sienna Hough


Hair Short Braids Hairtyles


Sienna Hair Red Bob


Short Hairtyles Hair Haircuts


Hair Bob Hairtyles Hough


Hairtyles Shaggy Bob Sienna


Hair Short Bob Sienna


Hair Bob Length Messy


Hair Scarlett Uk Red

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