Short Straight Hairstyles

25 Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair

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The luckiest women in this world are those with straight hairs. They look neat and elegant, no matter what. The most attractive part of any women is her hair and when she has a straight her, she’s all set to pull some eyes towards her. Most of the women with straight hair tend to have a long hairstyle. This is because she wants to show off her beauty to the world. But the trend of the day is short-hair. The reason behind this is simple. Short hair gives out confidence and individuality. Hence, if you’re someone with a straight hair and wants to reduce the length of your hair, find out the amazing ways in which you can do it from below.

Those with straight hair and a fair skin resort to dark brown hairs. Their fair skin goes well with the style and enhances their beauty. Because the hair is straight, the hair flows down on your face in a neat manner and works its magic. Women also adapt bob haircuts when they have straight hair. Because the hair is straight naturally, the need to maintain the hair is relatively low. When you have a bob cut, it comes down further. Bob cuts look decent and stylish on any women. There are many different types in which you can style your bobs. Most women prefer the chin-length bobs, especially one who has straight hair.

If you’re planning for a bob cut, it is recommended you color your hair white. It might sound funny for a few, but a lot of top models today are doing the same. It makes your face look cute, neat, and tidy. Another great bob option would be sleek bob. Sleek bob has longer layers on the sides and frames your face well. It also looks stylish and decent on anybody. Here are few other styles that you can try:


1-Short Hairtyle for Straight Hair

Short Hairtyle for Straight Hair, Bob Hair Short Haircuts

2-Dark Brown Hair

Dark Brown Hair, Bob Hair Short Medium

3-White Bob

White Bob, Hair Blonde White Short

4-Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob, Bob Jennifer Lawrence Hair

5-Side Parted

Side Parted, Short Hair Shaggy Straight


Hair Straight Thin Short


Bob Length Shoulder Layered


Bob Short Straight Layered


Short Hair Straight Pixie


Bob Hair Straight Kendall


Short Hair Sassy Easy


Short Hair Bangs Straight


Hair Balayage Blonde Bob


Bob Grazing Bobs Bone


Bangs Hair Short Length


Pixie Hair Cut Messy


Bob Blonde Hair Short


Hair Kardashian Kim Short


Pixie Blonde Short Hairtyles


Hair Short Bob Easy


Hair Short Bob Formal


Blonde Pixie Short Bob


Hair Short 55 Side


Short Straight 2013 Women


Bob Short Hair Straight

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