Short Straight Hairstyles

20 Short Straight Hairstyles with Bangs

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Bangs are beautiful. And none can deny the fact. They are best for summer days when coupled with short hair. If you have got naturally straight hair then it’s just boom! Nothing can keep you behind when it comes to styling your mane. Decorate your short straight hair the way you want, and complement it with fringes to add more glamor.

In case, you’ve got curls or waves by nature, ironing the hair can help you achieve the straightness to wear the same look we are going to showcase below. You can select anything from baby bangs to curly fringes and what not!

So, let’s see-

1- Short Straight Hairstyle with Bangs

Short Straight Hairtyle with Bangs, Bangs Hair Hairtyles Medium

The almost eyelash touched bangs with mild browny black bob seem irresistibly captivating. It demands less attention to remain in the same gesture it’s meant to be.

2- Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs, Hair Medium Short Hairtyles

This sensational look can be achieved within moments. It’s effortless and ensures a symmetrical look irrespective of your facial shape.

3- Medium Short Hair

Medium Short Hair, Hair Hairtyles Bangs Styles

Medium short hair looks amazing with this straightly cut front fringes. You can make it your signature styles as its stunning vibe never gets old.

4- Sleek Bob Cut

Sleek Bob Cut, Hair Short Bangs Straight

Get the best of your version with this sleek bob. It has the ability to transform your entire personality and make you look cool and hot at the same time.

5- Blunt Long Bangs

Blunt Long Bangs, Hair Hairtyles Short Bangs

Expect a bold, and feminine vibe with this blunt black bob. Its versatility is perfect for enhancing your overall look making it more precise.

6- Inverted Fringe

Hair Straight Short Hairtyles

7- Shoulder Length Bob with Choppy Bangs

Hair Bangs Short Hairtyles

8- Graduated Short Lob

Hair Bob Brunette Hairtyles

9- Side Swept Short Hair

Hair Short Hairtyles Bob

10- Short Straight Bob

Bob Bangs Hair Straight

11- Fine Bob with Bangs

Karina 40 Bangs Should

12- Choppy Bob and Bangs

Bob Layered Bangs Inverted

13- Grey Graduated Bob

Bob Choppy Bronde Straight

14- Short Bob with Medium Bangs

Hair Hairtyles Pixie Fine

15- Platinum Fringe Haircut

Hair Bob Hairtyles Bobs

16- Pageboy Hairstyle

Hair Bob Hairtyles Bangs

17- Ombre Fringe Cut

Hair Bob Short Styles

18- Straight Inverted Bob with Bangs

Bob Layered Brown Hair

19- Stylish Colourful Lob

Hair Short Bob Styles

20- Blonde Bob and Bangs

Short Hairtyles Hair Layered

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