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23 Long Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

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As women, we have always searched for a hairstyle that we could wear to a party and to an office and look elegant. Thankfully, the asymmetrical bob has emerged in this world that has provided us the combination we have been looking for. Although it’s a short hairstyle, it is not like a regular bob. As the name suggests, asymmetrical bob does not have the same length. The length differs on both the sides giving the haircut its name. This variance on both the sides is what makes the hairstyle popular among women. If you have thick hair, you can pull-off asymmetrical bob without question. The asymmetrical bob does a great job in highlighting your face, especially your jawline.

There are many ways in which you can wear asymmetrical bobs. One of the most modern types of this hairstyle is the wavy asymmetrical bob with tattoo undercut. The hairstyle is suited for wavy hair and sometimes doesn’t look like a bob until one notice it. The tattoo undercut is what gives out the fashion statement that everybody would want to achieve through this hairstyle. Even with curly hair, you can try this hairstyle which actually looks messy. It looks like you’ve not coiffed your hair for the day. But that’s the attractive part of the style.

Another popular variant in this style is the curvy edged asymmetrical bob. As the name suggests, the edges will be curved instead of being straight. This creates an amazing effect by emphasizing the volume of your hair. It is also a unique type of a hairstyle that could let you stand out from the crowd. You could also highlight the hair by adding colorful streaks on your hair. These streaks would make you look modern and sexy. You can also try some of the great asymmetrical bob hairstyles below:

1-Long Asymmetrical Bob Hairtyle

Long Asymmetrical Bob Hairtyle, Hair Long Asymmetrical Bob

2-Highlights Color

Highlights Color, Lob Hair Bob Long

3-Bob with Make Up

Bob with Make Up, Hair Bob Makeup All

4-Wavy Ends

Wavy Ends, Hair Lob Side Spring

5-Balayage Short Medium Length Hair

Balayage Short Medium Length Hair, Hair Balayage Length Shoulder


Asymmetrical Long Medium Blouse


Blonde Lob Long Bob


Hair Purple Bob Ombre


Hair Bob Asymmetrical Color


Bob Asymmetrical Hair Type


Hair Rock Side Part


Bob Hair Asymmetrical Long


Hair Bob Short Choppy


Bob Hair Long Asymmetrical


Bob Hair Length Some


Hair Bob Kylie Makeup


Long Hair Bob Face


Bob Long Hair Celebrity


Hair Bob Weave Hairtyles


Bob Long Hair Asymmetrical


Bob Long Hair Asymmetrical


Hair Bob Purple Asymmetrical


Short Bob Hair Brunette

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