23 Brown And Blonde Short Hair

We live in a world where people love to mix it up. Be it cocktail or be it even hairstyle. Yes, often you’d come across women sporting multiple colors in their hair. And I’m sure you’ve only found them more attractive when they had it. It’s a chain and many women have begun embracing such styles. One of the most popular is the brown and blonde hair. It can be achieved by highlighting some of the blonde hairs into brown or the vice versa. Its what professionals call the ‘balayage’. But it’s a trick that will never fail to impress anybody. If you’re someone who has short hair and sporting a brown and blonde look, this article too will never fail to impress you.

There are multiple ways in which you can highlight your hair. The blonde front hair is one of the best options. It’s a style where you highlight the hair in the front and leaving the back untouched. The blonde hair seen in the front and the brown hair seen at the back will definitely do wonders for your look especially if you have short hair.

The brown and blonde hair looks spectacular with a concave short bob. The hairstyle that was popularized by Victoria Beckham has again become the trend of the season. The hairstyle leaves long hair in the front and short hair at the back giving an elegant and stylish look. Combine that with a brown and blonde hair, you will be a hit in the crowd.

Another great style for those sporting the balayage is the soft waves. No matter what, soft waves are an attraction. The hairstyle looks relaxed and effortless always. It looks great even for those with short hair. Only thing is that it takes time to achieve the hairstyle. But with regular practice with the iron curler, you’re sure to achieve the best. Check out the other ways in which you can wear the balayage.

1-Brown and Blonde Short Hair

Brown and Blonde Short Hair, Brown Lob Hair Wavy

2-Blonde Front Hair

Blonde Front Hair, Bob Blonde Brown Highlights

3-Short Concave Bob

Short Concave Bob, Layered Short Bob Blonde

4-Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde Balayage, Balayage Hair Brown Short

5-Soft Waves

Soft Waves, Hair Blonde Bobs Color


Hair Short Razor Hairtyles


Hair Bob Short Kristen


Balayage Choppy Bob Brown


Brown Pixie Short Thick


Bob Blonde Short Ash


Bob Highlights Brown Blonde


Brown Blonde Platinum Highlights


Brown Balayage Dark Caramel


Bob Brown Highlights Soft


Brown Bob Short Caramel


Hair Highlights Color Short


Layered Bob Brown Curly


Blonde Hair Two Tone


Hair Short Tips Brown


Bob Pixie Short Blonde


Balayage Lob Hair Bronde


Hair Lob Long Faces


Bob Layered Blonde High

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