25 Amazing Platinum Blonde Short Hair

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There is a variety of these types of hairstyles and you can’t really go wrong with them. We would like to offer to take a look at these Platinum Blonde Short Hair for women. One of the most requested and highly appreciated hairstyle is the pixie cut with the platinum hair color. These hairstyles really give off a strong, sharp vibe, however, it makes you look cute at the same time. Some of the platinum blonde textured pixies could grow into a short bob, which makes it super cool. This hairstyle is great for any type of hair, no need to have thick hair. It just needs some styling and you are good to go. Then there is the edgy peach platinum blonde pixie. It is really trendy at the moment, but you have to understand that this hairstyle will require a lot of styling work, and is definitely not for all. It will give off a sharp look, make your jawline vivid to everyone. Also, the peach will give off a positive vibe, but at the same time, you will have an edgy look that you have been looking forward to. There also is the perfectly platinum blonde for short hair. This hairstyle gives you a very cute look and makes you classy as well. It is really smooth looking, and one of the best assets of this hairstyle is that it fits with a lot of different tinges, so it is a good fit most of the times. Of course, there are the cute short waves with dimensional platinum. This look makes you really cute no matter how your face is shaped. It is definitely a go-to hairstyle as it doesn’t require a lot of styling and fits perfectly. Now just look through these photos and you will surely head to your hairdresser to opt for a platinum blonde short cut!

1-Platinum Blonde Short Hair

Platinum Blonde Short Hair, Pixie Blonde Short Platinum

2-Summer Hair

Summer Hair, Bar Earrings Stud Studs

3-Casual Hair

Casual Hair, Blonde Bob White Short

4-Blonde Pixie Hair

Blonde Pixie Hair, Blonde Pixie Platinum Chin

5-Messy Hair

Messy Hair, Pixie Short Messy Blonde

6- Round Bob Hair

Blonde Bob Hair Gray

7- Wavy Medium Hairstyle

Blonde Bob Choppy Wavy

8- Long Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Blonde Platinum

9- Angled Straight Bob Cut

Hair Lips Style Hairtyles

10- Layered Hairstyle

Bob Blonde Hair Parted

11- Angled Blonde Haircut

Blonde Platinum Bob Bleach

12- Side-swept Hair

Red Blonde Monroe Modern

13- Sleek Bob Hair

Blonde Short Cut Hair

14- Bold Style

Short Pixie Brittenelle Hair

15- Cute Messy Hair

Short Hair Brown Blonde

16- Short Blonde Hair

Blonde Lob Short Ash

17- Wavy Hair with Choppy Ends

Hair Bob Short Platinum

18- Wavy Bob Hair

Short Blonde Hair Platinum

19- Blonde Hair with Fringe

Short Bob Hair Blonde

20- Cute Hair

Platinum Balayage Blonde Bob

21- Straight Bob Cut

Hair White Platinum Wig

22- Messy Hair

Blonde Balayage Hair Ash

23- Daily Hairstyle

Shaggy Williams Michelle Bob

24- Wavy Hairstyle

Short Blonde Platinum Hair

25- Messy Hair with Choppy Ends

Blonde Bob Wavy Platinum

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