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Pretty Short Haircuts for Stylish Girls

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We want to call all the stylish girls! We all know that girls like to try new hair colors and haircuts an short hairstyles are great for a new looks. Once you have a short hairstyle you won’t want to grow your hair to long hair any time soon!

1. Short Haircut for Girls

Side swept bangs are always a good idea to create a really nice style with a pixie cut.

Short Haircuts for Girls

2. Different Short Haircut

Girls love experimenting new haircuts and style that show off their unique style and this platinum pixie style is perfect for this.

Girls Short Haircuts

3. Long Pixie for Girls

Long pixie styles are perfect for girls, this pixie is cut with and asymmetrical style that flatters her face and her whole look.

Short Hair for Girls

4. Long Bob

Lobs or long bob haircut is one of the most preferred hairstyles for women all around the world, it is suitable for almost any women of any age.

Short Hair Cuts for Girls

5. Stylish Pixie Bob Haircut

Show your nape with this red short bob hairstyle with stacked back and angled style!

Short Haircut Girls

6. Cool Pixie

Pastel hair colors are really popular among young women and it looks dreamy on short pixie styles like this one below:

Short Haircuts for Girls-6

7. Trendy Long Pixie

Dark pixie cut is the best way to emphasize the color of your eyes and flatter your facial features.

Short Haircuts for Girls-7

8. New Short Hair

Side swept long bangs, low-lights make this regular pixie cut look much more modern and wearable for any girl.

Short Haircuts for Girls-8

9. Summer Short Hair

You have a short pixie cut for summer but it is time to grow out that pixie for winter! Here is a good looking grow-out pixie cut for you girls.

Short Haircuts for Girls-9

10. Long Bangs

Long side bangs are perfect for creating feminine look event when you are sporting very short style at the back.

Short Haircuts for Girls-10

11. Short Side

This asymmetrical red hairstyle is perfect for ladies with triangle face shape, you should have little bit thicker hair texture to make your hair look like this.

Short Haircuts for Girls-11

12. Different Shaved

Shaved sides, undercut styles was very popular in last few years and getting more and more versatile when it comes to shave patterns.

Short Haircuts for Girls-12

13. Sarah Harding

Short Haircuts for Girls-13

14. Thick Hairstyle

Short Haircuts for Girls-14

15. Trendy Grey Pixie

Short Haircuts for Girls-15

16. Pastel Grey Hair

Short Haircuts for Girls-16

17. Wedge Cut

Short Haircuts for Girls-17

18. Asian Style

Short Haircuts for Girls-18

19. Blunt Long Bob

Blunt bob hairstyles make your hair look much more full especially if you have thin blonde hair like hers:

Short Haircuts for Girls-19

20. Cute Layered Cut

Lastly here is a layered red bob hairstyle for a new and eye-catching look, as you can see face framing bangs creates a nice balance with layering and the hairstyle.

Short Haircuts for Girls-20

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