Short Hair Color

Most Popular Short Hair Colors for Women

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Different hair color can help you to achieve really unique and stylish looks. For example, even subtle highlights or an ombre coloring can add a nice and modern look. There are some distinct hair color trends like rose gold or gray hair color, these are the best way to look stylish and modern with a short haircut. On the other hand, you can go with natural shades like light blonde, brunette or dark hair with ombre balayage.

1. Short Blonde Fine Hair

Platinum blonde hair color might be your next hair color if you have medium to light skin tone like this lady below.

Popular Short Hair Colors

2. Short Blue Hair with Bangs

Here is an ashy blue bob hair idea with long bangs and choppy layering that looks really gorgeous.

Short Hair Color Ideas

3. Blonde Highlighted Short Bob

If you like to achieve modern and natural look this might be the best choice for you, short blonde balayage bob hairstyle.

Short Hair Colors

4. Medium A Line Haircut

Short Hair Styles Color

5. Metallic Glory Silver Blonde

Best Short Hair Colors

6. Dark Red Asymmetric Pixie

Short Hair Color Ideas-6

7. Ice Blonde Short Bob

Short Hair Color Ideas-7

8. Blonde Hair with Purple Streak

Short Hair Color Ideas-8

9. Short Blonde Bob

Short Hair Color Ideas-9

10. Blonde Balayage Short Hair

Short Hair Color Ideas-10

11. Sassy Blonde Pixie

Short Hair Color Ideas-11

12. Ice Grey Classy Short Hair

Short Hair Color Ideas-12

13. Pale Purple Hair

Short Hair Color Ideas-13

14. Metallic Grey Color

Short Hair Color Ideas-14

15. Dark Roots Blonde Hair

Short Hair Color Ideas-15

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