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40 Best Pixie Cuts 2016

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One thing for sure short hairstyles are in trends and won’t go anywhere soon so today we have rounded up 40 Best Pixie Cuts 2016 that can inspire you to update your looks!

Pixie cut is the first thing coming to mind when we think about short hairstyles. Pixie cuts can be so versatile that any women can opt with a pixie if she desires. Long pixie styles are getting more and more popular that they can be pared with bangs, layers and undercut styles. Asymmetrical pixie cuts are perfect for women with triangular face shape. If you have longer face shape, pixies with long bangs would be a smart choice to make your face look much more proportional. Messy and natural short hairstyles are really popular among women. This can be achieved by using hair mousse and sea salt spray. Don’t use the hair products which are glossy and wet looking because this will ruin the fresh and chic style. Super short pixie styles are also really face framing and it won’t need any time to style your hair in the morning.

1. Long Pixie Cut

Long Pixie Cuts

2. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut Hair Styles

3. Pixie Haircuts 2016

Pixie Cuts 2016

4. Pixie Haircuts

Pixie Haircuts

5. Pixie style haircuts

pixie style

6. Older Women

Pixie Cut-6

7. Bang

Pixie Cut-7

8. Long Bang

Pixie Cut-8

9. Cute

Pixie Cut-9

10. Messy

Pixie Cut-10

11. Curly

Pixie Cut-11

12. Thick

Pixie Cut-12

13. Long

Pixie Cut-13

14. Short

Pixie Cut-14

15. Cute

Pixie Cut-15

16. Spiky

Pixie Cut-16

17. Girl

Pixie Cut-17

18. Straight

Pixie Cut-18

19. Anne Hathaway

Pixie Cut-19

20. Thick

Pixie Cut-20

21. Cute Bang

Pixie Cut-21

22. Curly Pixie

Pixie Cut-22

23. Straight Pixie

Pixie Cut-23

24. Cute

Pixie Cut-24

25. Back View

Pixie Cut-25

26. Long Bang

Pixie Cut-26

27. Side View

Pixie Cut-27

28. Side View

Pixie Cut-28

29. Thick

Pixie Cut-29

30. Messy

Pixie Cut-30

31. Grey

Pixie Cut-31

32. Bang

Pixie Cut-32

33. White

Pixie Cut-33

34. Red

Pixie Cut-34

35. Spiky

Pixie Cut-35

36. Blonde

Pixie Cut-36

37. Red

Pixie Cut-37

38. Black

Pixie Cut-38

39. Wavy Red

Pixie Cut-39

40. Short Blonde

Pixie Cut-40

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