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25 Best Hair Color for Short Pixie Cut

In 2018, short hair with bright highlights has been the trend. If you think you want to do something out of the box and daring with your hair, try a pixie cut combined with your favorite color to give your appearance a fun look. It is very simple and versatile to maintain a pixie haircut at home, and the cut looks best if you have short angled fringes or long side bangs.

The haircut looks good on every face shape and makes you look younger by highlighting your facial features. This style is a perfect fit for women who prefer vintage look. When choosing the best hair color, you should keep your hair texture and rate of hair growth in mind. If you are tired of your blonde or honey glazed long wavy hair, pixie colored hairstyles can be your new experiment.

This article has listed down all the amazing colored pixie hairstyles so that you are not missing the new fashion and fun.

1- Best Hair Color for Short Pixie Cut

Best Hair Color for Short Pixie Cut, Pixie Short Hair 30

A perfect short pixie cut to bring smile to everyone you meet. No particular parting of hairs, yet a side swept effect is the real charm about this hairdo.

2- White Blonde Color

White Blonde Color, Pixie Short Hair Cut

Have this pixie cut on your fine white blonde and a sassy expression is guranteed.

3- Blonde Pixie

Blonde Pixie, Pixie Short 30 2017

4- Copper Pixie Hair

Copper Pixie Hair, Pixie Short Hair Baby

5- Blonde Cute Pixie Cut

Blonde Cute Pixie Cut, Pixie Hair Short Hairtyles

6- Blue Hinted White Hair

Pixie Undercut Uneven Purple

7- Short Sidely Upwards

Pixie Short Hairtyles 30

8- Tamed Cut for Square Face

Pixie Short Hair Square

9- Two Toned Pixie

Pixie Short Hair Haircuts

10- Peacock Version

Hair Short Styles Sassy

11- Blue Maroon Grey and Black

Hair Pixie Color Short

12- Side Trimmed Platinum Edgy Look

Pixie Hair Short Miley

13- Green Short Mane with Black Roots

Hair Short Pixie Styles

14- White Hair for Ladies with Round Face

Pixie 20 Hair Haircut

15- Multi colored Short Back and Long Side Swept

Pixie Hair Haircuts Choppy

16- Smooth Light Reddish Orange Undercut

Pixie Undercut Short Blonde

17- Brown Short Sides

Pixie Hair Short Hairtyles

18- Grey Beauty

Pixie Gray Spiky Short

19- Brunette Cute Look

Pixie Up Some Very

20- Longe Fringes

Pixie Short Undercut Hairtyles

21- Funky Spikes

Pixie Hair Short Easy

22- Deep Red Orange

Hair Short Red Women

23- Billie Turnbull Ginger Head

Pixie Bob Back View

24- Volume in One Side

Pixie Short Hair Bowie

25- Yellow Distinctive Look

Pixie Short Hair Easy

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