25 Short Shaved Hairstyles

A different and unusual look is always welcoming to the ladies who want a change in their everyday appearance. A bold statement making for such women can be short shaved hairstyles. They can provide a modern badass look while adding a unique, personal feature of your own.

In this guide, you’ll see 25 short shaved hairstyles that are mindboggling to see and will surely give your beholders a jaw-dropping moment. Choose the one that suits you most and get cheered!

1- Short Shaved Hairstyle

Short Shaved Hairtyle, Hair Short Pixie Thick

This up to date look is so versatile in the appeal that it will fit any occasion. A fresh look for textured hair is certain!

2- Side Shaved

Side Shaved, Hair Hairtyles Short Blonde

The braids on the side of the top thick upturned hair are its best attraction. The trimmed sides make it an ideal choice for summer.

3- Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut, Hair Short Shaved Hairtyles

The long fringe covering nearly one of your eyes looks so fantastic that your admirer will hardly pass you without making a compliment about it. The purple tinge is what completes its appeal to the beholders. Seeing from the back, your watchers will view “V” shape pointing towards your neck which makes it look sassier.

4- Modern Hairstyle

Modern Hairtyle, Pixie Shaved Undercut Hair

This modern hairstyle looks perfect from the top. Shaving the side and rear side of your head, only the top and front hair will be kept on the place so to give this extraordinary look. If you’re a blonde, this one would suit you like none.

5- Long Top with Curls

Long Top with Curls, Curly Hair Short Styles

6- Wild Cut on Pink Tress

Pixie Hair Women Styles

7- Blonde Undercut

Hair Short Styles Volume

8- Shaved Short Pixie

Hair Short Women Pixie

9- Side Trimmed Balayage Top

Hair Pixie Short Women

10- Grey Blonde Badass Look

Blonde Short Pixie Shaved

11- Cool Long Hair on Tophead

Makeup Sexy Women Shaved

12- Edgy Pixie

Hair Short Pixie Hairtyles

13- Two Tone

Pixie Short Hair Shaved

14- Long Frong Curls

Hair Short Styles Cuts

15- Headskin Touch Too Short Hair

Short Shaved Hairtyles Edgy

16- Upturned Platinum Braids

Hair Short Hairtyles Women

17- Three Side Lines with Bangs

Hair Styles Short Shaved

18- Nearly Bald

Shaved Choker Beauty Hair

19- Tousled Top

Hair Styles Cuts Natural

20- Side Swept Updercut

Pixie Short Shaved Hair

21- Black Spikes

Hair Short Pixie Combover

22- Quintessential Upturn

Blonde Pixie Short Shaved

23- Long Bangs

Short Hair Hairtyles Styles

24- Asymmetrical Pink

Hair Parted Side Rollsup

25- Colorful Spike on Top

Hair Hairtyles Styles All

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