Short Layered Hairstyles

23 Short Layered Haircuts 2018

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Layered hairstyles are something that every woman think of trying it at some point in their life. The reason behind it is valid also. They give you a chic look and make you presentable instantly. Their effortless in terms of maintenance is just another benefit the wearer see in them.

Girls who want a little bit more volume in their mane without compromising with the hair quality, the layered hair would be a great option for them. Problems like a vast amount of hair loss or split end can also be reduced by adopting this style. A better result is achievable with short layered hair, however.

The good news is having short layered hair does not restrict your choice options by any means. There is a bounty of varieties available that you can opt for. Among those diverse options, we have brought 23 short layered hairstyles that are trending in 2018. Take a look at them and you’ll know how they can enhance your glamour.

1- Short Layered Haircut 2018
Short Layered Haircut 2018, Hair Bob Medium Hairtyles

Sweet and simple, this fashionable hairdo is easy to attain a and can create the best of your version. The hair color switching from black to brown looks natural and is bound to shower you with compliments from your admirers.

2- Layered Medium Hair

Layered Medium Hair, Hairtyles Layered Hair Haircuts

Incredible to behold, this layered medium hair is hard to go unnoticed even when you’re in a crowd. A complete confidence booster aka personality cheerer. Try yourself!

3- Cute Hair for Adult Ladies

Cute Hair for Adult Ladies, Hair Long Haircut Length

4- Short Bob

Short Bob, Bob Layered Length Black

5- Layered Dark Brown Hair

Layered Dark Brown Hair, Bob Layered Short Brown

6- Caramel Brown

Hair Short Hairtyles Layered

7- Pointy Stacked Mane

Pixie Layered Short Layers

8- Asymmetrical Dark to Dim Brown

Hair Blonde Hairtyles Length

9- Tousled Balayage

Layered Short Pixie Layers

10- Short Back and Long Hair on Sides with Bangs

Bob Layered Brown Brunette

11- Shag in Blonde

Short Hair Women Hairtyles

12- Inverted Bob

Bob Hair Balayage Short

13- Sleek and Round

Bob Layered Balayage Fine

14- Wispy Waves

Blonde Bob Ash Choppy

15- Straight Brunette

Layered Short Bob Shag

16- Side Swept Chopped Hair

Hair Short 40 Some

17- Messy Blonde

Bob Blonde Bronde White

18- Graduated Black Bob

Bob Angled Black Layered

19- Loose Waves

Bob Bronde Crisp Short

20- Feathered Refined Layers

Length Medium Layered Haircuts

21- Easy and Chic

Balayage Layered Blonde Bob

22- Bedraggled Bob

Hair Bob 30 2018

23- Unkempt Platinum Pixie

Choppy Layered Blonde Angled

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