Short Layered Hairstyles

23 Short Layered Haircuts 2018

Layered hairstyles are something that every woman think of trying it at some point in their life. The reason behind it is valid also. They give you a chic look and make you presentable instantly. Their effortless in terms of maintenance is just another benefit the wearer see in them.

Girls who want a little bit more volume in their mane without compromising with the hair quality, the layered hair would be a great option for them. Problems like a vast amount of hair loss or split end can also be reduced by adopting this style. A better result is achievable with short layered hair, however.

The good news is having short layered hair does not restrict your choice options by any means. There is a bounty of varieties available that you can opt for. Among those diverse options, we have brought 23 short layered hairstyles that are trending in 2018. Take a look at them and you’ll know how they can enhance your glamour.

1- Short Layered Haircut 2018Short Layered Haircut 2018, Hair Bob Medium Hairtyles

Sweet and simple, this fashionable hairdo is easy to attain a and can create the best of your version. The hair color switching from black to brown looks natural and is bound to shower you with compliments from your admirers.

2- Layered Medium Hair

Layered Medium Hair, Hairtyles Layered Hair Haircuts

Incredible to behold, this layered medium hair is hard to go unnoticed even when you’re in a crowd. A complete confidence booster aka personality cheerer. Try yourself!

3- Cute Hair for Adult Ladies

Cute Hair for Adult Ladies, Hair Long Haircut Length

4- Short Bob

Short Bob, Bob Layered Length Black

5- Layered Dark Brown Hair

Layered Dark Brown Hair, Bob Layered Short Brown

6- Caramel Brown

Hair Short Hairtyles Layered

7- Pointy Stacked Mane

Pixie Layered Short Layers

8- Asymmetrical Dark to Dim Brown

Hair Blonde Hairtyles Length

9- Tousled Balayage

Layered Short Pixie Layers

10- Short Back and Long Hair on Sides with Bangs

Bob Layered Brown Brunette

11- Shag in Blonde

Short Hair Women Hairtyles

12- Inverted Bob

Bob Hair Balayage Short

13- Sleek and Round

Bob Layered Balayage Fine

14- Wispy Waves

Blonde Bob Ash Choppy

15- Straight Brunette

Layered Short Bob Shag

16- Side Swept Chopped Hair

Hair Short 40 Some

17- Messy Blonde

Bob Blonde Bronde White

18- Graduated Black Bob

Bob Angled Black Layered

19- Loose Waves

Bob Bronde Crisp Short

20- Feathered Refined Layers

Length Medium Layered Haircuts

21- Easy and Chic

Balayage Layered Blonde Bob

22- Bedraggled Bob

Hair Bob 30 2018

23- Unkempt Platinum Pixie

Choppy Layered Blonde Angled

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