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23 Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

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Women who are born with naturally thick hair are the really lucky ones. Some women are really jealous of others just because of the thickness of their hair. Having thick hair lets you get even more hairstyles than all others, just because your hair has more strength. It may feel not light at some points, but there is always a solution. That solution is cutting your hair short. We have handpicked Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair and offer you to use them for this new season. Let’s start with the short sassy bob. One of the main things that makes this haircut suitable and stand out is that the locks are straightened. The layers differ so the hairstyle looks amusing and better each time. Moving on with stylish grown out pixie hairstyle. This haircut is for women, that can’t decide whether to pick a bob or a pixie. Again, there is a lot of layers, so this cut makes you cute and edgy at the same time. Then there is the short vintage cut hairstyle. This hairstyle is historical as it dates back to the 20th century when it was really popular. Nowadays it got back the trendiness it once had. This haircut looks good on any face shape and makes your cheekbone really prominent. This, again, has a lot of layers, but all women who have thick hair – their haircuts will be related to layers because this is the go-to look for most of them. Last but not least, there is the short blonde shag haircut. This is the perfect practical hairstyle for women, which was left over in the 20th century, but there is a reason we should bring it back. Women are recognizing this style as one of the best for thick hair and there is no doubt that it looks sexy. Look through the following photos and try one for your thick hair!

1-Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Short Hairtyles for Thick Hair, Short Bob Wavy Thick

2-Cute Style

Cute Style, Hair Short Medium Length

3-Long Pixie Cut

Long Pixie Cut, Short Messy Hair Pixie

4-Layered Haircut

Layered Haircut, Thick Short Bob Balayage

5-Choppy Bob Hair

Choppy Bob Hair, Bob Thick Hair 20

6- Stacked Bob

Bob Layers Length Hair

7- Dark Stacked Bob Hair

Bob Short Layered Inverted

8- Wavy Style

Short Medium Hair Bob

9- Short Hair

Short Balayage Thick Bob

10- Cute Wavy Hair

Short Thick Taylor Swift

11- Stacked Wavy Hairstyle

Bob Thick Layered Pixie

12- Angled Bob Hair

Bob Short Thick Hair

13- Short Curls

Pixie Curly Thick Short

14- Long Pixie Cut

Pixie Thick Short Layered

15- Side-swept Wavy Hair

Hair Silver Choppy Balayage

16- Messy Hair

Bob Long Thick Hair

17- Curly Long Bob

Lob Side Swept Bob

18- Dark Hair

Short Lovato Demi Grey

19- Thick Curly Hair

Style Harry Bob Thick

20- Short Blonde Hair

Short Bangs Hair Choppy

21- Long Pixie Cut

Jimin Thick Grey White

22- Short Bob Hair

Layered Short Thick Pixie

23- Elegant Hairstyle

Short Pixie Cute Hair

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