20 Short Wavy Hairstyles with Bangs

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Although many people think wavy hair is a curse, the short wavy hair is the trend of the modern era. If you think we are just saying that, ask those with naturally straight hair how much they envy people with wavy hair. But unlike straight hair, wavy hair doesn’t look neat. But that’s the beauty of wavy hair. It has got its own uniqueness. There are still women out there who still hesitate to cut their hair short during summer. This is because they are of the opinion that there are very few hairstyles for those having short wavy hair. If you had the same thoughts until now, it’s time to change them after reading this article.

Layers make the best option for short hairstyles as they promise volume, depth, and texture. They can also produce attractive shattered shapes and could be made more versatile. Because of the versatility of layered haircuts, you could easily attain the gorgeous look that you’ve been working on. Combine this with blunt bangs, you’ve got a great style. However, it takes some time for the blunt bangs to set in as the hair is curly.

Messy waves are another popular hairstyle for those with short wavy hair. It’s an effortless hairstyle for those with waves. However, it takes a great effort to achieve the messy waves. Once you’ve achieved the messy waves, you can easily set it since the waves drop down in a messy manner but give you a gorgeous outlook.

Of late, retro hairstyles are making a comeback into this world. And that’s exactly how vintage bob became a popular hairstyle. A well-known hairstyle sported by the celebrities and models in the 20th century, the vintage bob is being adopted by a lot of women today because of its ability to highlight facial features. There are some more hairstyles that you can try from below:

1-Short Wavy Hairtyle with Bangs

Short Wavy Hairtyle with Bangs, Hair Thin Bangs Girls

2-Layered Medium Haircut Blunt Bangs

Layered Medium Haircut Blunt Bangs, Short Bangs Hair 2013

3-Messy Wavy

Messy Wavy, Bangs Bob Hairtyles Hair

4-Vintage Bob

Vintage Bob, Hair Bobs Wavy Bangs

5-Shag Lob

Shag Lob, Short Hair Shag Medium


Bangs Wavy Hair Swift


Hair Bob Bangs Short


Wavy Bob Hair Homecoming


Short Wavy Hair Hairtyles


Short Hair Wavy Curly


Bob Really Simple Bobs


Curly Hair Short Bob


Hair Wavy Bangs Short


Bangs Short Up 20


Bangs Bob Hairtyles Hair


Hair Bangs Curly Short


Short Hair Bangs Hairtyles


Short Hair Bangs Wavy


Bangs Bob Short Hair


Hair Short Wavy Bangs

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