20 Short Silver Hairstyles

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Who says silver hairs decrease confidence? They don’t, and contrary to this view, we find silver or grey hair much more impactful in creating a distinctive vibe about the person who wears. The condition is you have to style it in an appropriate manner.

For instance, you can go for the layered silver man if you want a youthful look. The curled tips at the end will surely bring a feminine feature about your personality. Deep and dark silver ombre can be another perfect choice when you have the sophistication and only sophistication in mind.

In case you want to grab a mature as well as comfortable look with silver hair, swoopy layers would be an awesome idea. It can add dimension while complimenting your facial features.

Want more suggestions before you decide the final one? Here is a list of 20 short silver hairstyles to let you be more creative about your hairdo.

1- Short Silver Hairstyle

Short Silver Hairtyle, Gray Pixie Grey Short

If you are looking for an unusual look that’s low maintenance as well, look no further than this short silver hairstyle. The hair near the neck is trimmed making the skin almost visible, while the side locks are kept in a pointy style.

2- Modern Pixie for Older Women

Modern Pixie for Older Women, Pixie Hairtyles Short Older

For older women out there, our message is that keeping yourself decked up takes nothing but a simple daring with a bit of modern pixie touch.

3- Classy Curls

Classy Curls, Wavy Pixie Hairtyles Hair

The appeal of classic curls never gets old. Don’t believe? Try yourself and you’ll find the answer in positive.

4- Braided Short Hair

Braided Short Hair, Hair Layered Bob Grey

5- Short Pixie Crop

Short Pixie Crop, Short Pixie Hair Haircuts

6- Silver Volume

Pixie Silver Layered Disheveled

7- Platinum Layers

Pixie Silver Ash Blonde

8- Side Swept Surfer Style

Pixie Blonde Ash Undercut

9- Side and Back Trimmed

Pixie Gray Ombre Stacked

10- Shiny Round Bob

Bob Gray Silver Women

11- Silky and Super Pixie

Pixie Long Silver Choppy

12- Side Swept Long Front

Blonde Pixie Highlights Razored

13- Choppy Pixie

Pixie Layered Blonde Cut

14- Wavy Pointy Ends

Pixie Gray Blonde Layers

15- Shoulder Length Waves

Gray Balayage Bob Purple

16- Rolled Fashionable Locks

Pixie Silver Short Cut

17- Modern Mess

Short Solver Bob Blonde

18- Fine White Mane for Older Women

Silver Bob Wavy Short

19- Badass Look

Pixie Short Gray Women

20- Low Maintenance Short Pixie

Pixie Short Hair Grey

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