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20 Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

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Natural hairstyles feel comfy and can give a peaceful, serene look even when they are short in length. And black women have the reputation of being graced with thick hair, a lot of hairstyling options you can try on your tress. Most of them would require curly hair which also is a natural trait seen among the black women.

Besides, girls with long or medium length hair, who are still confused about whether they should shift to short natural hairstyles or not, will find the available options very much inspiring. As for example, bold looks can be achieved with edgy, undercut or side shaved styles; and if you want something more distinctive, try out puffs, twist outs, finger coils, sponge curls, afro’s and the list goes on.

Follow the list of 20 short natural hairstyles for black women to get a wider collection to try throughout the year.

1- Short Natural Hairstyle for Black Women

Short Natural Hairtyle for Black Women, Natural Hair Styles Tapered

This haircut is perfect to wear a sensational look on your oblong face. The parted portion of the hair on the side is the most attention-grabbing feature of this style.

2- Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie, Hair Natural Styles Curly

Curls on brown hair look pretty much extraordinary and can give you a different vibe that is sure to endow you with an amazing amount of admiration from your beholders.

3- Natural Curly Hair

Natural Curly Hair, Hair Natural Styles Short

This one is a low maintenance style that you can wear and hope to attend any party, both casual and formal, with little preparation and giving the least care.

4- Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut, Natural Hair Styles Short

5- Mohawk Style

Mohawk Style, Hair Natural Short Styles

6- Thick Curls

Hair Natural Curly Styles

7- Red Pixie

Hair Natural Styles Short

8- Trendy Natural Black

Hair Styles Natural Curly

9- Side Parted Grey Perm

Hair Curly Styles Natural

10- Short Tapered Blonde

Natural Hair Styles Short

11- Scalp Touched Haircut for Round Face

Hair Natural Styles Work

12- Brown and Black Mix

Natural Hair Hairtyles Short

13- Afro Textured Hair

Hair Skin Natural Styles

14- Thick and Big Coils

Natural Hair Tapered Styles

15- Heavy Volumed Style

Hair Styles Curly Natural

16- Spike Like Black Deep Curls

Hair Natural Styles Curls

17- Gorgeous Badass Look

Hair Natural Styles Face

18- Chic and Boyish

Hair Natural Styles Beauty

19- Side Parted Stunning Afro

Hair Natural Styles Afro

20- Woody Brown Color

Hair Natural Styles Short

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