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20 Funky Short Hairstyles 2018

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Tired of boring same hair color and look? In 2018, short hair with bright highlights has been the trend. After trendy long hair and wavy medium hair, short hair with bright highlights have been a new fashion explored by many women.

If you think you want to do something out of the box and daring with your hair, try a bob and combine with your favorite color to give your appearance a fun look. Are you wondering about the trendy hairstyles and hair color this year? Well, worry not!

This article has it all covered. To guide you in this adventurous journey of a funky hairstyle, we have listed top 20 funky hairstyles that are in fashion.

1- Funky Short Hairstyle 2018

Funky Short Hairtyle 2018, Blonde Pixie Short Hair

Want a cool and reviving look with your short blonde? This funky hairstyel wiil surely help you meet that demand.

2- Funky Bob Cut

Funky Bob Cut, Hair Short Hairtyles Straight

With eye covering bangs, this hairdo can bring one of the best killer vibes in ladies. Did you see how mesmering the eyes are looking with this haircut? Going for artifical blonde, if you don’t have natural one, can be a rewarding idea in itself.

3- Side Long Bangs Pixie

Side Long Bangs Pixie, Hair Short Pixie Haircuts

From casual to evening parties, these side long bangs can be the perfect complement when you have funky short hairstyles in mind.

4- Soft Curly Bob Style

Soft Curly Bob Style, Funky Hair Bob Styles

It’s not easy to get volumnious look with thin hair, however, this soft curly bob has made it tremendously easier to get on the go. Be it some formal event or family function, it looks good with every attire.

5- Modern Pixie Hair

Modern Pixie Hair, Pixie Gray Layered Silver

6- Rough on the Edges

Short Hair Girls Funky

7- The Undercut Sweep

Short Hair Shaved Styles

8- Shaggy Pixie

Pixie Short Hair Cut

9- In All direction

Pixie Spiky Hair Blonde

10- EMO Bob

Bob Shaggy Short Hair

11- Intense Side Swept

Hair Funky Short Thin

12- Platinum Loud Waves

Pixie Cut Choppy Short

13- Sassy short Mane with Fringes

Pixie Short Hair Cut

14- Crazy Fun Look

Short Pixie Hair Funky

15- Blunt Chop

Pixie Short Choppy Brunette

16- A Blunt Hint of Colour

Pixie Short Messy Cut

17- Side Shaved Spikes

Pixie Short Hair Blonde

18- Voluminous Back

Haircuts Short Choppy Undercut

19- Scruffy Messy Mane

Short Pixie Hair Spiky

20- Stylish Textured Tousled Type

Pixie Cut Short Undercut

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