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20 Cute Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Often, we come across fashion ideas for fair-skinned women. But when it comes to fashion, it is open for everyone. Any ethnicity, any religion, any caste is bound to have multiple fashion options. Here today we’ll tell you some of the famous hairstyles that can be worn by black women. There are many unique types of hairstyles that would suit black women.

When we think of a black woman, the first trait that we’d give them is curls and cornrows. Cornrow is a traditional African hairstyle that was used by African women for centuries now. Cornrows are hairstyles that are closely braided to the scalp. Combine it with curls on one side, you have a hairstyle that would define sexiness. There are different types of curls that women can try. One of the most popular curls is the tight voluminous curls. These tightly done curls are best known for framing your face neatly and highlighting your face.

Another popular hairstyle is a short wavy shag. The beauty of the short wavy shag is its messiness. It is also a hairstyle that requires low-maintenance. Hence, it’s a hairstyle that is a combination of elegance and simplicity. The short bob is another hairstyle that is simple and elegant. It is a fit-for-all hairstyle that fits any personality. Close-cropped sides is a popular and modern hairstyle for black women. This hairstyle has voluminous hair on top and cropped short hair on the sides.

Wild waves is another modern hairstyle that is being adopted by many celebrities. The hairstyle is known for its shaved sides and wisps up top. The hairstyle looks like being swept by the wind. The waves create an amazing effect that’s bound to attract a lot of eyes. There are so many other styles that black women can try. Here are some of the other few:


1-Cute Short Hairtyle for Black Women

Cute Short Hairtyle for Black Women, Makeup Black Short 2013

2-Blonde Pixie for Black Women

Blonde Pixie for Black Women, Black Women Short Hair

3-Afro Pixie

Afro Pixie, Hair Short Pixie Women

4-Relaxed Hair

Relaxed Hair, Pixie Short Hair Lee

5-Short Bob

Short Bob, Black Women Short Hair


Hair Short Black Women


Hair Short Black Women


Short Hair Black Women


Pixie Hair Short Crazy


Short Hair Black Women


Hair Women Short Black


Black Women Pixie Hair


Short Hair Black Cute


Hair Pixie Short Black


Bob Black Women Short


Black Short Hair Pixie


Hair Short Cute Black


Natural Hair Short Tapered


Short Hair Pixie Bangs


Short Hair Black Pixie

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