Cute Short Haircuts

20 Cute Short Haircuts for Girls

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As soon as the teenage and hormones set in, girls tend to fall in love with fashion. They want to look elegant and neat wherever they go. It’s the time of their life where they experiment a lot with beauty products. They also fall in love with new and trendy styles that their friends are following, or something that’s rocking social media. They soon want to experiment it and present themselves to this world. Being girls, they have got the age to try their best to wear to their school or to their university. They want to stand out from the crowd and set an example for fashion inside the premises.

Finding the resource is their only problem and that’s what even we’ve been through. Gone are the days when long hair used to be the center of fashion. Today everybody wants to have short hair in order to try multiple styles, and send out that ‘swagger’ image. If you think it’s time for you to start experimenting with your teenage life, we are here for you.

An emo haircut is the hairstyle of the era among the girls. Often you open any girl’s Instagram account and find that their eyes are covered with hair which makes them look more elegant. That’s the emo haircut. The haircut has heavy bangs that are parted to one side. These bangs are brushed in a way that it covers part of your eyes and makes your face look cute. The style has also been adopted by famous young singing stars whom you’d finding sporting this hairstyle and wearing a hoodie. It was started by the artists of Emo and thus it is called as the Emo haircut.

Another similar style is the Layered bangs. It’s another haircut that’s popular among the teenagers. The hair is cut in layers especially at the end of your hair. The bangs are swept across one’s face to give a dramatic and cool look. You’ve also got multiple options below:

1-Cute Short Haircut for Girls

Cute Short Haircut for Girls, Short Pixie Hair 30

2-Emo Haircut

Emo Haircut, Hair Cute Hairtyles Short

3-Layered Bangs

Layered Bangs, Hair Girl Short Blond

4-Cute Blunt Bangs

Cute Blunt Bangs, Bangs Hair Short Length

5-Pixie Girl

Pixie Girl, Cute Short Side Bangs


Hair Hairtyles Cute Quick


Hair Bob Girls Short


Short Pixie Hair Quick


Short Bob Cute 40


Short Pixie Hair Girls


Bob Blonde Girls Bronde


Kelly Cute Girl Short


Short Hair Pixie Up


Bob Bronde Choppy Short


Pixie Short Cute Girls


Short Hair Bob Asian


Layered Pixie Short Hairtyles


Short Hair Bangs Cute


Short Hair Girls Chin


Short Hairtyles Bob Bobs

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