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20 Cute Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

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Short hair looks great, easy to style and takes little time to get you all set. However, getting the perfect style for your short hair can be frustrating especially when you’re having short mane for years. And since wearing a changed look depends mostly on how you style your hair, you can’t skip the idea downright.

Besides, all short hairstyles don’t give a cute vibe. Turns out, opting for any random short hairdo can be proved wrong when you have a certain type of impression in mind. More precisely, creativity has a lot to do for bringing about the ideal dreamy look on your personality.

In this guide, we have come with 20 cute hairstyles for girls with short hair. Try any of them and shine like never before!

1- Short Curly Pixie

Short Curly Pixie, Hair Short Pixie Styles

This short curly pixie cut can give you a celebrity look no matter wherever you go. It alone can be a showstopper and the spotlight will be focused on you even when you’ll be among the crowd. However, it requires high maintenance to remain in perfect shape.

2- Two Half Ponytail

Two Half Ponytail, Painting Face Cute Girls

Ponytails aren’t for kinds only. The older girls can also wear the ponytails with the little bit changes in numbers. Try having two half ponytails and you’ll wonder how it changes your appearance making you look cool and cute at the same time.

3- Tapered Pixie Cut

Tapered Pixie Cut, Pixie Hair Short Side

4- Asian Layered Short Haircut

Asian Layered Short Haircut, Bob Shag Short Hairtyles

5- Cute Pixie Style

Cute Pixie Style, Pixie Short Cut Hair

6- Simple yet Versatile Look

Lee Goodwin Ginnifer Min

7- Fashionable Hairdo for Ladies with Fine Hair

Hair Bridal Wedding Girls

8- Platinum Glamorous Thick Hair

Hairtyles Layered Short Blonde

9- Perfectly Shaped Blonde Cut

Short Hair Hairtyles Styles

10- Artistically Line Shaved Black Mane

Hair Short Pixie Black

11- Blonde Innocent Look for Teenage Girls

Saç Hair 20 Cute

12- Straight Bob with Bangs

Hair Girls Styles Makeup

13- Pink Head

Pixie Up Girl Cute

14- Twisted Side Pony Tail

Hairtyles Girl Braid Hair

15- Side Swept Brown Tress

Short Hair Bob Fine

16- Sleek and Soft Thin Hair

Hair Girl Korean Ulzzang

17- Emma Watson Spike on Top

Short Hair Spikey Pixie

18- Grey Hairdo for Girls with Glasses

Hair Pixie Layered Short

19- Pixie Cut on Cloudy Hair

Makeup Kim Kardashian 30

20- Side Shaved Upturned Blonde

Pixie Cute Girls Makeup

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