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Super 20 Long Bob Hairstyle

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Trends may travel every which way, however long bob hairstyles can be claimed to be a constant fashion that has endured in the ever-changing world for the past decade. You may perceive this popular cut as a “lob“, which is a stylish combination of the words “long” and “bob“. Consistent with its name, this cutting edge hairstyle stops in the area between the jaw and collarbone. Such an easy hairstyle genuinely accentuates the jawline by appropriately framing the face, regardless of the shape, and by accentuating any individual’s bone structure.

1. Best Long Bob Hairstyle

Versatile in nature, long bob haircuts can be a suitable hairstyle for women or an equally cute hairstyle for girls. A long bob is especially flattering for hair that keeps running on the thinner side. By getting a long bob, you’re basically cutting off all the thinning and split finishes to allow for the persistent development of thick and healthy hair from the roots. The hair itself settled legitimately around the face, framing an ideal outline out of most if not all sorts of shapes.

Long Bob Hairstyle

2. Straight Long Bob Cut Hair

Contrary to what you may believe, the short hair length actually still offers a large number of alternatives with regards to styling. Think back to the popular superstars and fashionistas who still manage to don an alternate look with their long bobs every day!

Long Bob Cut

3. Lob Dark Brown Hairstyle 2019

For example, a long bob can be worn straight and smooth with the assistance of a low heat flat iron. Then again, the same haircut can also be texturized with waves or curls with a lot of volume at the crown.

Lob Hairstyles 2019

4. New Wavy Lob Haircut 2019

Or on the other hand, you could toss back to the ’90s, which are returning coincidentally, and wear your long bob half up and half down, all finished off with an adorable hair tie! Regardless of your hair color or texture, a cute long bob will work for you.

Lob Haircut 2019

5. Long Bob Style

This hairstyle is also universal in that it can fit in any setting, regardless of whether it’s professional or casual. Here are the absolute cutest styles to move your latest hair idea!

Long Bob Styles

6. Blonde Balayage

Long Bob Hairstyle-6

7. Curly Wavy

Long Bob Hairstyle-7

8. Chic Layers

Long Bob Hairstyle-8

9. Asymmetrical Cut

Long Bob Hairstyle-9

10. Blonde Bob

Long Bob Hairstyle-10


Long Bob Hairstyle-11


Long Bob Hairstyle-12


Long Bob Hairstyle-13


Long Bob Hairstyle-14


Long Bob Hairstyle-15


Long Bob Hairstyle-16


Long Bob Hairstyle-17


Long Bob Hairstyle-18


Long Bob Hairstyle-19


Long Bob Hairstyle-20

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