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Short Hair Styles 2015 – 2016

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New trends for short haircut styles for 2015-2016 bring some new haircuts and news in colors or styling. We’ve divided them into three parts. Firs one is about trendy short haircuts for this year’s fall and winter with examples of trendy hair styling. Second part is focused on fall and winter hairstyle considering hair colors. Because hair fashion is often built on color! And finally is focused last year’s hits. Some things have remained from the first part of the year 2015. Retro style is more upheld. Impressive of hair colours, fall piedestal is still occupied by trendy colour of the year 2015. So, in this article we have collected the best Short Hair Styles 2015 – 2016. Take a look and get inspired!

1. Karlie Kloss Short Hair Style with Bangs 2015

Karlie Kloss Short Hair Styles 2015

2. Slicked Back Short Haircut Style 2016

Best Short Haircut Styles 2016

3. Short Straight Hairstyle for Women 2015

Nice Short Hair Styles For Women 2015

4. Short Pinned Haircut Style 2016

Trendy Short Haircut Style 2016

5. Short Green Style Haircut 2015

Stylish Short Style Haircuts 2015

6. Blonde Short Hair Style with Bangs for 2016

Blonde Short Hair Styles 2016

7. Short Ginger Pixie Haircut Back View

Short Pixie Haircut Back View

8. Short Flip Out Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Short Flip Out Bob Hairstyles 2016

9. Short Wavy Haircut Back View Style

Short Haircut Back View Style 2016

10. Short Shaved End Dark Pixie Style Haircut for 2016

Short Shaved End Pixie Style Haircuts 2016

11. Lovely Blonde Pixie Haircut for Women

Lovely Pixie Haircut for Women

12. Bouncy Short Highlighted Hair

Bouncy Short Hair 2015

13. Blonde Balayage Wavy Short Hair

Blonde Balayage Short Hair

14. Carey Mulligan Short Choppy Hair

Carey Mulligan Short Hair 2015

15. Undercut Blonde Pixie Hair 2016

Undercut Pixie 2016

16. Pretty Undercut Short Hair Cut Back View

Pretty Undercut Short Hair Cut

17. Super Short Blonde Pixie Cut

Super Short Pixie Cut Styles 2015

18. Straight Pixie Cut with Long Bangs 2016

Best Pixie Cut with Long Bangs 2016

19. Dark Fine Pixie Cut 2016

Best Dark Pixie Cut 2016

20. Granny Hair Trend Short Pixie Cut 2016

Granny Hair Trend Short Cut 2016

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