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Must-See Short Hair Ideas for Women

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Sometimes all we need a simple touch, for feeling fresh and beautiful. All women deserves a pretty look and if you need that magical touch, you have to brave for trying something different, isn’t it?

Today in our gallery we represent you must-see short hair ideas that can definitely make you go with a short haircut this year! Check these pics below and make change happen!

1. Best Short Wavy Hair for Women

Wavy hairstyles are really popular among women with both long and short hairstyles.

Short Hair for Women

2. Platinum Pixie Short Hair

This platinum pixie style is definitely eye-catching and stylish way to update your looks!

Short Womens Haircuts

3. Short Hair Ombre Style for Women

Here is a nice ombre bob hairstyle for thick and straight hair, this blonde ombre color would give a nice look to thick hair texture.

Short Hair Styles for Women

4. Hairstyle for Short Curly Haired Women

This short curly pixie style with red hair color and tapered style would be a nice inspiration for black girls.

Hairstyles for Short Hair Women

5. Short Bob Haircut for Women

If you have thin and fine hair here is a simple yet elegant bob hairstyle that you can beautifully sport.

Short Haircuts Women

6. Platinum Pixie

This platinum pixie style is stylish, eye-catching and looks so cool!

Short Hair for Women-6

7. Layered Blonde Bob

Here is one of the most preferred looks for this season: layered bob hair with highlights and low-lights.

Short Hair for Women-7

8. Blonde Bob Hair

This cute blonde bob hair is slightly layered at the back of the head.

Short Hair for Women-8

9. Layered Bob for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair and medium skin tone here is a nice look for you!

Short Hair for Women-9

10. Ombre Long Bob

Long bob is one of the most popular hairstyle among women and ombre is still in trends so why no try this one below?:

Short Hair for Women-10

11. Dark Curly Hair

Dark and curly hair would be probably thick too so this layered short hair is a perfect choice for this kind of hair.

Short Hair for Women-11

12. Ombre Bob

As we said before wavy and ombre bob hairstyles are so versatile and popular these days.

Short Hair for Women-12

13. Updo Style

You can bring your hair back with a voluminous and chic updo style like this one below:

Short Hair for Women-13

14. Asymmetrical Cut

Here is a cute short asymmetrical cut for girls with unique styles.

Short Hair for Women-14

15. Cute Bob with Bangs

This wavy dark bob hair with short bangs is frames her face and emphasize her red lips.

Short Hair for Women-15

16. Layered Short Hair

Short Hair for Women-16

17. Chic Blonde Bob

Short Hair for Women-17

18. Asymmetrical Pixie

Short Hair for Women-18

19. Undercut

Short Hair for Women-19

20. Pastel Purple

Short Hair for Women-20

21. Layered Bob Style

Short Hair for Women-21

22. Ombre Bob

Short Hair for Women-22

23. For Curly Hair

Short Hair for Women-23

24. Short Thick Hair

Choppy layers and razor cut will give a nice style to thick short hairstyles.

Short Hair for Women-24

25. Dark Short Bob

We end this post with this deep side parted and gorgeous dark short bob hairstyle.

Short Hair for Women-25





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