Latest Short Hairstyles with Bangs for 2017

Some women have a prior opinion about bangs but some of them just love bangs! They are great for creating new styles without changing hair length. If you want to adopt new haircut and get a fresh new look for this summer season you have come to the right page. Because in this post we will show you really different bangs styles on different hair lengths.

Bangs should fit your hair type and face shape so you need to know which styles look best on you. For example, if you have thick and straight or wavy hair blunt full bangs would be a great choice. On the other hand, women with thin hair should go with wispy bangs. As we always say it should suit your face shape too. Wispy and side bangs are perfect for ladies with heart-shaped faces. If you have long face shape you can make it look more symmetrical with long bangs.

1. Black Hair and Short Fringe

Short Hairstyles with Bangs

2. Hairstyle with Short Bangs

Short Hairstyles Bangs

3. Messy Short Haircut with Bangs

Short Haircut with Bangs


4. Casual Short Hair Style with Bangs

Short Hair Styles with Bangs

5. Long Pixie Bangs

Short Hair Cuts with Bangs

6. Asian Bangs

Short Hairstyles with Bangs-6

7. Cute Short Bangs

Short Hairstyles with Bangs-7

8. Side Bangs

Short Hairstyles with Bangs-8

9. Curly Bangs Style

Short Hairstyles with Bangs-9

10. Linda Evans

Short Hairstyles with Bangs-10

11. Christina Ricci

Short Hairstyles with Bangs-11

12. Lovely Short Bangs

Short Hairstyles with Bangs-12

13. Curly Hair Bangs

Short Hairstyles with Bangs-13

14. Black Hair Bob Cut

Short Hairstyles with Bangs-14

15. Short Hair with Bangs

Short Hairstyles with Bangs-15