Short Hair Color

Great Hair Colors You’ll Want to Apply to Your Short Hair

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Some people say that you can create different styles with short hair but they are totally wrong! Even with a little change in the color of your hair, you can achieve chic and unique looks! There are many different hair color ideas that you can apply to your hair no matter what length is your hair.

1. Rose Gold Hair Color

If you know which hair color is the most trending one, here is a good example rose gold hair color would look really unique and chic.

Short Hair Colors

2. Blue Short Hair

Young women and teens can go with really unique and eye-catching hair colors like this blue-green bob with bangs.

Short Haircut Colors

3. Grey Color for Short Hair

Here is another unique yet popular hair coloring idea, gray hair is very trending for recent years and it looks great with blue eyes!

Colors for Short Hair

4. Short Dark Black Hair

Jet black sleek straight dark bob hairstyle would be a very nice and chic hair idea for women with dark skin tones.

Best Short Hair Colors

5. Teal Hair

Here is a really cool teal green short bob with layering that nicely frames the wearer’s facial features.

Short Hair Color Ideas

6. Brown To Blue Hair

Short Hair Colors-6

7. Platinum Blonde Hair

Short Hair Colors-7

8. Grey Ombre

Short Hair Colors-8

9. Platinum Blonde

Short Hair Colors-9

10. Bright Blonde

Short Hair Colors-10

11. Green Lights

Short Hair Colors-11

12. Pale Purple

Short Hair Colors-12

13. Kinky Curly Hair with Highlights

Short Hair Colors-13

14. Blonde Long Pixie

Short Hair Colors-14

15. Cool Toned Blonde Hair

Short Hair Colors-15

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