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Best 20 Long Bob Hairstyles

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Lob also known as a long bob is the ideal in the middle of hairstyle. It’s not excessively short but rather it’s not very long either so the conceivable outcomes are huge. The lob is also known for looking great on almost everyone, regardless and in the event that there’s a hairstyle anyone can shake, at that point what are you waiting for? For what reason haven’t you cut your hair into a lob yet? Well… simply wait one moment before you do because we are here to help. In the event that you want your hair cut into a lob, at that point you need a few ideas.

So here are the absolute best 20 long bob hairstyles to give you some inspiration.

1. Long Bob Cut

Since lobs look great on all hair types, a messy style lob is an easy way to keep your hairstyle looking easy. In the event that you want to give your lob some more texture, either have a go at adding a couple of free curls or in case you’re in a rush, spray it with some sea salt spray.

Long Bob Cut

2. Best Layered Long Bob Haircut

In case you’re into shorter hair, take a stab at cutting your hair into a longer lob. This straightforward easy lob hairstyle almost reaches the highest point of your shoulders and would allow somewhat more opportunity in the event that you don’t want such a short hairstyle.

Long Bob Haircut

3. Long Bob Hairstyle Ombre Colored

The ideal complement to your lob hairstyle is giving it an ombre look. Ombre is a really in vogue look and great hope to help transition from summer to fall.

Long Bob Hairstyles

4. Layered Lob Hairstyle 2019

This is a great hairstyle for an oval to adjust face shape. It’s really a classic long, angled bob hairstyles’ idea however it’s been brought bang regularly updated by the stylish outrageous asymmetry between each side.

Lob Hairstyles 2019

5. Best Wavy Long Bob Haircut 2019

The lovely tear-drop shape has extra volume around the crown and back with cut layers tapered down to the tips. Blonde-over-brunette hair color ideas create profundity and texture on long bob hairstyle updates!

Long Bob Haircut 2019

6. Inverted Style

Long Bob Haircut-6

7. Dark Roots Pink Hair

Long Bob Haircut-7

8. Copper Red Colored

Long Bob Haircut-8

9. Dark Brown Hair

Long Bob Haircut-9

10. Cute Style

Long Bob Haircut-10


Long Bob Haircut-11


Long Bob Haircut-12


Long Bob Haircut-13


Long Bob Haircut-14


Long Bob Haircut-15


Long Bob Haircut-16


Long Bob Haircut-17


Long Bob Haircut-18


Long Bob Haircut-19


Long Bob Haircut-20

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