Short Hair Color

Amazing Hair Colors for Pretty Short Hairstyles

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Hair color trends change through time and today we want to show you the best hair color trends of 2017. From really bright green or gray hair colors to natural hair colors like blonde hair and brown shades, you will find the most preferred hair color ideas in this gallery.

1. Short Aqua Hair Color

Aqua green hair color is the perfect idea for girls with green eye color, as you can see it flatter her gorgeous eyes.

Short Hair Colors

2. Ash Blonde Short Hair Color Idea

Dark roots and ash blonde balayages look absolutely beautiful on women with short hair.

Short Hair Color Ideas

3. Candy Pink Short Hair Color

Here is a good example of how to adopt a gorgeously colored ombre with short hair:

Best Short Hair Colors

4. Pixie Cut Shaved Sides

Pixie haircut with shaves side long light blonde bangs is a good choice for young girls who like a masculine style.

Short Haircut Colors

5. Ombre Colored Style

Ombre coloring is still in trends and women like to adopt this style naturally these days.

Short Hairstyle Colors

6. Bright Red

Bright red hair color is popular among women with medium to light skin tones, as you can see it flatters her facial features.

Short Hair Colors-6

7. Pink and Purple Pastel Short Hair

Short Hair Colors-7

8. Short Blonde Hair

Short Hair Colors-8

9. Rose Pink

Short Hair Colors-9

10. Asymmetrical Bangs

Short Hair Colors-10

11. Ash Blonde Balayage Lob

Short Hair Colors-11

12. Balayage Blonde

Short Hair Colors-12

13. Blonde Lights

Short Hair Colors-13

14. Dark Red

Short Hair Colors-14

15. Blonde Pixie

Short Hair Colors-15

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