50 Short Haircuts For 2014 – 2015

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Short hairstyle for women is actually a courageous style. This is because since the dawn of the human being women have not tried short hairdos. It was not until the early 20th century that women essentially tried the shorter hairstyles. It was a very bold move the first short hairstyle was worn by an American women in the early 1900s. After that short hairstyles for women became a trend. So, we have gathered 50 Short Haircuts for 2014 – 2015 for you. Come in and browse the latest hairstyles and color trends to find your hot new look!

1. Short Blonde Haircut Side View

Short Blonde Haircut 2014

2. Short Combed Over Pixie Haircut 2015

Short Pixie Haircuts 2015

3. Short Haircut for 2015

Best Short Haircuts For 2014

4. 2014 Short Shaved Side Haircut

2014 Short Shaved Haircuts

5. 2015 Short Modern Blonde Haircut

2015 Short Modern Haircuts 2014

6. Short Side Swept Red Hair

Short Side Swept Hair

7. Short Straight Hair Back View Pic

Short Hair Back View Pics 2014

8. Best Short Blonde Hair Picture

Best Short Hair Pictures 2015

9. Casual Short Highlighted Hair Style

Casual Short Hair Styles

10. Black Short Asymmetrical Hair

Black Women Short Hair 2015

11. Trendy Short Hair for Women

Trendy Women Short Hairstyles

12. Trendy Pixie Short Hair with Undercut

Trendy Pixie Short Haircuts

13. Short Blunt Hair with Bangs 2015

Really Short Hair with Bangs

14. Very Short Dark Hair Side View

Very Short Hair Side View

15. Popular Short Pixie Hair

Popular Short Haircuts

16. Layered Short Hair with Highlights

Layered Short Haircuts 2015

17. Woman with Short Haircut

Womens Short Haircut Ideas

18. Short Fine Blonde Haircut

Short Fine Haircut Ideas

19. Short Layered Brown Pixie Haircut

Short Layered Pixie Haircut Ideas 2015

20. Short Dark Thick Pixie Haircut

Short Dark Pixie Haircut

21. Short Braided Straight Hair

Short Braided Hairstyles

22. Different Short Blonde Hair

Different Short Hairstyles

23. Short Layered Pixie Hair Cut

Short Layered Hair Cut Ideas

24. Short Fine Bob Haircut for Women

Short Fine Bob Hair Cut

25. Short Blunt Bob Haircut with Bangs

Short Blunt Bob Hair Cut 2015

26. Short Shaved Pixie Haircut

Short Shaved Pixie Haircuts 2015

27. Frankie Sandford Pixie Hair

Frankie Sandford Pixie Haircuts

28. Pixie Bob Short Hairstyle

Pixie Bob Short Haircuts 2015

29. Short Sassy Layered Hair

Short Sassy Haircuts

30. Short to Mid Hair with Bangs

Short to Mid Haircuts

31. Short Straight Pixie Hair

Short Straight Hairstyes 2015

32. Short Highlighted Hair Side View

Short Highlighted Hairstyles

33. Short Casual Wavy Hair

Short Casual Haircuts

34. Short Casual Brown Bob Hair

Short Casual Bob Haircuts

35. Short Shaggy Pixie Hair Side View

Short Shaggy Pixie Haircuts 2015

36. Blonde Layered Short Hair

Layered Short Haircut

37. Short Asian Brown Hair

Short Asian Hairstyles

38. Side Shaved Short Blonde Haircut

Side Shaved Short Haircut Ideas 2015

39. Trendy Short Brown Haircut

Trendy Short Haircut Idea 2014

40. Stylish Short Haircut with Highlights

Stylish Short Haircut

41. Cool Short Dark Pixie

Cool Short Pixie Haircuts 2015

42. Cool Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Cool Blonde Pixie Cuts 2015

43. Short Blonde Straight Hairstyle

Short Blonde Straight Hair 2014

44. Short Blonde Hairstyle Back

Short Blonde Hair Back View 2015

45. Short Layered Ginger Bob Hair Back

Short Layered Bob Hair Back View

46. Short Different Pixie Hair

Short Different Hair

47. Short Haircut Idea Back View 2015

Best Short Haircut Ideas 2015

48. Blonde Short Haircut for 2015

Blonde Short Haircuts Ideas For 2014

49. 2015 Short Bob Haircut

2015 Bob Haircuts Short 2014

50. Fine Short Hairstyle 2015

Fine Haircuts Short Hair 2015

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