Celebrity Short Hairstyles

40 Best Short Celebrity Hairstyles

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When it comes to style and vogue trends, it has been evolving immensely. It is a fact that we learn a lot from the celebs that we idealise. Whether you are having short hair, medium hair or long hair, there is always one celebrity hairstyle to make you look fresh and youthful. You can take a good try at the classy bob haircut, as well as one medium layered hairstyle. They will look great on both straight hair and wavy hair. So, here is a list of 40 Best Short Celebrity Hairstyles who absolutely don’t go wrong with their hairstyles, ever!

1. Celebrity Short Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Best Celebrity Short Hairstyles

2. Short Celebrity Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Short Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

3. Celebrity Short Brown Hair

Best Celebrity Short Hair

4. Celebrity Layered Bob Hairstyle

Chic Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

5. Celebrity Short Choppy Bob Hairstyle 2014

Best Celebrity Short Hairstyles 2014

6. Celebs Short Pixie Hair with Fringes

Celebs Short Pixie Hair

7. Celebrity Side Parted Pixie Short Hair Cut

Celebrity Pixie Short Hair Cuts

8. Celebrity Short Highlighted Bob Hair Style

Celebrity Short Bob Hair Styles

9. Celebrity Blunt Shaggy Bob Hair Style

Celebrity Blunt Bob Hair Styles

10. Celebrity Dark Straight Bob Hair Style

Celebrity Dark Bob Hair Styles

11. Blonde Fine Pixie Cut Celebrity

Blonde Pixie Cut Celebrity

12. Straight Dark Bob Cut Celebrity

Straight Bob Cut Celebrity

13. Aline Short Brown Celebrity Hairstyle

Aline Short Celebrity Hairstyles

14. Layered Short Celebrity Hairstyle with Bangs

Layered Short Celebrity Hairstyles

15. Thick Dark Pixie Celebrity Hairstyle

Dark Pixie Celebrity Hairstyles

16. Blonde Wavy Bob Celebrity Hairstyle

Wavy Bob Celebrity Hairstyles

17. Brown Bob with Bangs Celebrity Hairstyle

Bob with Bangs Celebrity Hairstyles

18. Classy Bob Celebrity Hairstyle with Wavy Ends

Classy Bob Celebrity Hairstyles

19. Cute Fine Pixie Celebrity Hairstyle

Cute Pixie Celebrity Hairstyles

20. Long Straight Pixie Celebrity Hairstyle

Best Long Pixie Celebrity Hairstyles

21. Messy Wavy Bob Celebrity Hairstyle

Best Messy Bob Celebrity Hairstyles

22. Messy Short Blonde Hair Celebrity Hairstyle

Best Messy Short Hair Celebrity Hairstyles

23. Red Layered Pixie Hair Celebrity Hairstyle

Red Pixie Hair Celebrity Hairstyles

24. Curly Long Pixie Hair Celebrity Hairstyle

Curly Pixie Hair Celebrity Hairstyles

25. Straight Blonde Pixie Hair Celebrity Hairstyle

Straight Pixie Hair Celebrity Hairstyles

26. Curly Ombre Bob Hair Celebrity Hairstyle

Curly Bob Hair Celebrity Hairstyles

27. Trendy Pixie Wavy Hair Celebrity Hairstyle

Trendy Pixie Hair Celebrity Hairstyles

28. Long Straight Bob Hair Celebrity Hairstyle

Long Bob Hair Celebrity Hairstyles

29. Short Bob Hair Back View Celebrity Hairstyle

Short Hair Back View Celebrity Hairstyles

30. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut Celebrity Hairstyle

Best Blonde Pixie Cut Celebrity Hairstyles

31. Jennifer Aniston Straight Bob Cut

Jennifer Aniston Bob Cut

32. Ginnifer Goodwin Short Brown Hair

Ginnifer Goodwin Short Hairstyles

33. Celebrity Short Layered Haircut Idea

Best Celebrity Short Haircuts Ideas

34. Celebrity Short Brown Bob Haircut Idea

Best Celebrity Short Bob Haircuts Ideas

35. Short Celebrity Blonde Pixie Hairstyle 2015

Short Celebrity Blonde Hairstyles 2015

36. Celebrity Short Curly Blonde Haircut 2015

Celebrity Short Curly Haircuts 2015

37. Celebrity Fine Pixie Cut 2015

Best Celebrity Pixie Cuts 2015

38. Celeb Pixie Dark Red Cut

Celeb Pixie Cut 2015

39. Pixie Cut Celebrity Messy Hairstyle

Best Pixie Cut Celebrity Hairstyles

40. Cameron Diaz Short Wavy Hair

Cameron Diaz Short Hairstyles

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