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30 Best Long Pixie Hairstyles

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Is it true that you are prepared to take your short pixie to a significantly sassier level? A long pixie cut still keeps your hair coquettish however gives somewhat more choices in case you’re searching for length just as flexibility. From hair accomplices to fashion colors, a long pixie is a cute hairstyle for the girl who’s popular, in a hurry and not hesitant to make the cut.

You’ll be astounded at how adaptable pixie haircuts can be. It very well may be adjusted by any face shape and hair type – particularly fine hair, as this sleek cut effectively consolidates texture and shape. You’ll most likely get endless compliments once you slash your locks into one of these dazzling pixie hairstyles. Be enticed to go short with this on-pattern accumulation of breathtaking cuts that we’ve chosen to motivate you!

1. Long Pixie Hairstyle

This short layered pixie cut is about texture. Lengthy asymmetrical bangs work so well on wide faces to cause it to show up smaller. Include a few waves in for a gentler and cuter look! Layered pixies offer all the more complimenting alternatives for short hairstyles and women who are not so much alright with the shorter length.

Long Pixie Hairstyles

2. Long Pixie Cut Hairstyle

For the individuals who need to keep their regular hair yet hotshot a restless pixie hairstyle, this current one’s for you. The unevenness of this cut in addition to that astonishing normal texture both works so well in featuring and adjusting the face shape.

Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles

3. Cute Long Pixie Style

A haircut this fantastic thus current possibly occurs on the off chance that you are sure enough to go this short! The piece-y bangs additionally add to the overall cool girl look.

Best Long Pixie Cuts

4. Cute Long Pixie

Bobs are extremely cute alternatives for a pixie hairstyle. Keeping the hair cut and formed in the develop out procedure is key in keeping up a short haircut like this.

Cute Long Pixie Cuts

5. Blonde Long Pixie Bangs Cut

Womens Long Pixie Cuts

6. Choppy Layered Style

Choppy Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-6

7. Side View

Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles Side View-7

8. Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Long Pixie Bob Cut Hairstyles-8

9. Layered Asymmetrical Long Pixie

Layered Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-9

10. Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Blonde Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-10

11. Lilac Purple Hair Color

Lilac Purple Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-11

12. Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blondelong Pixie Cut Hairstyles-12

13. Simple Pixie Style

Simple Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-13

14. Short Nape Haircut for Summer

Long Pixie Short Nape Cut Hairstyles-14

15. Modern Long Pixie Style

Modern Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-15


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-16


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-17


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-18


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-19


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-20


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-21


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-22


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-23


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-24


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-25


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-26


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-27


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-28


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-29


Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles-30

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