Short Hair Color

28 Red Hair Color for Short Hair

Turning heads was never so easier and promt unless or until you have your short hair red. It can opt for different shades – from dark to fade, and still look gorgeous. For intensely vivid look, you can go for the exciting bright copper color for your mane. On the other hand, a ginge redhead can bring to a more natural look while it would certinaly spice up your featured in a thousand way.

Copper highlights are our personal favorite as it has a magical impact that enhances the dimention of the wearer’s sophistication in a realistic manner.

Love to have a blend of colors? Amalgemate red with medium brown and golden, and boom! You get the suitable partner to adorn your short hair. The short name for this very color combiantion is – medium auburn. Cool, huh?!

However, since it’s important for you to choose the right kind of red variation, don’t underestimate things like skin tone, hair texture or facial shape while you’re with your hairdresser preparing to dye your short hair.

For example – if you’re somone with peach or porcelain complexion, why not try golden copper? This one is both amiable and sassy.

1- Red Hair Color for Short Hair

Red Hair Color for Short Hair, Hair Bob Color Red

2- Burgundy Red Hair

Burgundy Red Hair, Hair Color Red Burgundy

3- Mahogany Brown Red Hair

Mahogany Brown Red Hair, Mahogany Hair Color Bob

4- Dark Red Balayages

Dark Red Balayages, Burgundy Hair Bright Long

5- Copper Red Color

Copper Red Color, Hair Red Color Copper

6- Stylish Thoughtful Locks

Hair Color Red Burgundy

7- One side Long

Red Color Hairtyles Bob

8- Molly Ringwald Messy Curly Waves

Curly Hair Styles Hairtyles

9- Medium Length Copper Hair

Copper Hair Red Colors

10- Face Covered Hide and Seek Look

Pixie Red Color Hair

11- Stars with Big Coil Fancy RedHead

Hair Hairtyles Color Burgundy

12- Dark Red Curls at Bottom

Hair Color Red Burgundy

13- Asymmterical Thick Hair

Hair Red Color Burgundy

14- Auburn and Red Ombre

Hair Red Ombre Auburn

15- Black and Caramel Balayage

Balayage Hair Brown Color

16- Pointy Ends

Hair Color Red Burgundy

17- Short Bangs Ginger Head

Red Hair Color Bangs

18- Striking Center Parted Glam

Hair Hairtyles Red Color

19- Edgy Flame

Hair Red Dyed Glasses

20- Upturned Front Side Locks

Red Color Hair Makeup

21- Beautifully Tangled

Hair Red Hairtyles Color

22- Fiery Pixie

Short Layered Choppy Pixie

23- Sizzling Copper Round Bob

Bob Hair Red Color

24- Smart Boy Cut

Sunglasses Red Cat Eye

25- Vintage Curls at Ends

Vintage Girls Modern Makeup

26- Pink Red Brown Ascendingly Mixed

27- Shoulder Length Middle Parted Brown Mane

28- Volume at Top

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