Short Prom Hairstyles

20 Easy Buns for Short Hair

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Short bob or medium length hair is the new trend because of the easy maintenance, but many find it really hard to style new looks with it. They misunderstand short hair to be boring and very hard to style. They are oblivion to the fact that how playful short hair is and the variety of hairstyles they can do with their hair. Short hair offers a wide range of pixie cuts which are suitable for any face shape.

Moreover, there are innumerable hairstyles for short hair that can give you a contemporary and modern look on any occasion. If you are struggling to style your short hair, this article will guide you with top 20 trending hairstyles so that you always look beautiful.

1- Easy Bun for Short Hair

Easy Bun for Short Hair, Knot Half Short Easy

Stylish your black shoulder length Lob becomes easier than you can think of when you know about this hairdo. It’s easy to do and timeless in appeal.

2- High Bun for Short Hair

High Bun for Short Hair, Short Buns Messy Hairtyles

This one is another perfect hairdo that is favorite among the high profile ladies. Low maintenance is what makes it so much popular this season,

3- Simple Hair Style

Simple Hair Style, Short Easy Buns Hairtyles

If you’re someone who loves to wear simple look, this hairstyle must have won your heart at first glace. It gives a clean and fresh look and suits every occasion. Your hair texture of color has nothing to do with its grace. Can be a perfect show stopper!

4- Short Hair Half Bun

Short Hair Half Bun, Short Buns Hairtyles All

5- Cute Short Hair Bun

Cute Short Hair Bun, Short Hairtyles Low Bun

6- Side Braid Messy Bun

Hairtyles Updo Bun Hair

7- Tousled Bouffant With Top Knot

Hair Bun Hairtyles 20

8- Unstructured Low Bun

Blonde Low Bun Messy

9- Dual Buns for Casual Look

Hairtyles Bun Buns Hair

10- Unkempt Long Fringes

One Bun Some Creative

11- Double Dutch High Buns

Hairtyles Braid Buns Down

12- Bouffant With A Low Bun

Low Bun Curly Updo

13- Bandana Updo

Hair Headband Hairtyles Short

14- Half Messy Top Knot

Short Easy Bob Hair

15- Solid High Bun With Divided Fringes

All Bun Easy Work

16- Tight Updo

Hair Bun Easy Buns

17- Khloe Kardashian Pigtail Balayage Mickey Mouse Style

Hairtyles Buns Hair Easy

18- Bridesmaid Simple Hairdo

Hairtyles Updo Wedding Hair

19- Dianna Agron

Hairtyles Face Bangs Dianna

20- Brown Blonde Charming Look

Bun Hairtyles Hår Hair

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