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15+ Long Bob Haircuts for Women

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Year in and year out Lobs have been dominating the hairstyle game, as their recognition grows faster than ever. The real question is- What is so special about these haircuts, and why are they so popular? First of all, Long bob hairstyles have a lot of versatile options. You can make it whatever you like- no matter if it is long, wavy or short. This gives you a chance to create what applies best in order to look good. Most women have problems with their hair being way too long or way too short, however with the long bob haircut- it’s neither. These haircuts give you the freedom that all women deserve- if you want to change up the look, there is a type of long bob that suits you perfectly. We offer you to check out these Long Bob Haircuts and feel inspired. Let’s describe a few hairstyles that have been recognized throughout the years. One of the cuter ones is the classic blunt lob. One of the best things about this haircut how miscellaneous it is. At first it may give out some sharp shape, however, you can also have an easygoing look. The other one is the lived-in middle part. The star-singer Selena Gomez had this haircut, however, this does not mean that not everyone can have it. One of the main benefits of this haircut is you can wear it no matter if your hair is long or wavy, it will still look effortless on you. It is suitable for most of the faces and makes you really stand out. Last but not least there is a cute long bob with layers. What makes this haircut standout is that it gives you many-sided looks. If you want to look edgy, it could definitely look like that, and it will also give a soft look vibe. Check the photos and select one of them for your fresh look!

1. Long Bob Hair Cut

Long Bob Hair Cuts

2. Layered Long Bob Haircut

Long Bob Haircuts

3. Lob Hairstyle

Long Bob Hairstyles

4. Blonde Lighted Long Bob Hair

Long Bob Hair

5. Dark Ashy Blonde Long Bob Hair Style

Long Bob Hair Styles

6. Natural Wavy Hair

Long Bob Hair Cuts-6

7. Tousled Blonde Hair

Long Bob Hair Cuts-7

8. Cute Waves

Long Bob Hair Cuts-8

9. Straight Blonde Haircut

Long Bob Hair Cuts-9

10. Caramel Hair

Long Bob Hair Cuts-10

11. Angled Bob

Long Bob Hair Cuts-11

12. Face-framing Hairstyle

Long Bob Hair Cuts-12

13. Hair with Gold Highlights

Long Bob Hair Cuts-13

14. Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Long Bob Hair Cuts-14

15. Gold Hair

Long Bob Hair Cuts-15

16. Bob Hair with Fringe

Long Bob Hair Cuts-16

17. Sleek Blonde Hair

Long Bob Hair Cuts-17

18. gorgeous Hairstyle

Long Bob Hair Cuts-18

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